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3 Different Uses Of Freeze Dried Fruits

Missing the luscious and magical taste of apples or the juicy and tangy taste of mangoes? How about some sweet pineapples? Well, if you are a die-hard fan of seasonal fruits, then even thinking of them will make your mouth water. If you want to enjoy the best of seasonal fruits all year round, then freeze dried fruit snacks come to the rescue! Freeze drying allows the preservation of fruits and their nutrients without any additives, colours or flavouring. You can instantly enhance your snacking experience and make it more filling and healthier with freeze dried fruit snacks. Or you can make your breakfast wholesome and delicious with the help of freeze dried fruit snacks. May it be millennial moms who do not want to compromise on their kids’ diet, or a busy gen-z, who cannot afford to skip meals but lack time to prepare one; freeze dried fruit snacks are here to take care of that. Freeze dried fruit snacks are healthy and rich in the nutrients and health benefits of their fresh counterparts. With the richness of fruits and no preservation, they are the perfect combination of healthy and filling for your snacking time. If you want to kick start your day on a healthy note, then just add or sprinkle freeze dried fruit snacks on your breakfast. Here are three different ways you can use freeze dried fruit snacks. Trust that it will awaken your taste buds and make you want them more!

1. How about some blissful breakfast recipes?

If you want to try some new, tasty and precious breakfast recipes then try creatively mixing them with freeze dried fruit snacks. Enough of that boring and lazy cereals and oats breakfast bowl! Add the delicious pinch or handful of freeze dried fruit snacks. This is just easy to make and is packed with nutritional benefits. The benefits of these regular breakfast ingredients are already known but, you get a full breakfast, with the punch of nutrients by just adding freeze dried snacks. It is guaranteed to be filling and satisfying. It is indeed the best way to start your day on a delicious note.

2. Ever had such a tasty salad?

Salads, yes, the healthy but often boring bowl of fresh vegetables! But not anymore! Try adding or sprinkling freeze dried fruit snacks like strawberries or pineapples to your lazy summer Asian slaw or sprout salad and enjoy it like never before! Salads are already packed with the goodness of fresh vegetables and by adding the benefits of freeze dried fruit; salads will help you retain a lot of energy for any time of the day. You can also have it as a lunch or a side dish with any meal and experience healthy eating without spending any time.

3. Who said smoothies are not satisfying?

Fruit smoothies and vegetable or green smoothies are extremely beneficial and healthy. But very few know how to make them taste like never before. Try adding the whole freeze dried fruit snacks, or crush and sprinkle them on the smoothie blend. Smoothies have innumerable health benefits and by adding or sprinkling freeze dried fruit snacks as a topping, it will become ultra-healthy and filling. Why should one compromise on taste for having healthy fruit. Try these small steps to improve your daily and boring dishes and give them a new makeover with freeze dried fruit snacks. If you are wondering where to find the best freeze dried fruit snacks, try HALO products. They take fresh fruits, add a little freeze drying magic and that’s it! The freshness of seasonal fruits is now available in a HALO pack. The result is a heavenly snacking experience. No additives, no preservatives, no added sugar, no nasties; only the good stuff. Try them out to enrich your snacking experience and we are sure you will want them more!