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Add Seasonal Fruits To Your Diet, All Round The Year With HALO

Imagine this: You’re at your home, and you get this beautiful memory of the time when you were feeling absolutely tropical, beachy, and in the mood for all fruits tropical! But this bubble bursts when you realize ‘tis not the season and the cravings remain unfulfilled! While this is no wish-fulfilling romantic comedy, HALO Snacks takes care of that! No more waiting around all year round to get that one crate of mango as a gift! No more waiting for the pineapples to grow, and the strawberries to mix with your chocolates, or your golden apples to bloom in the valleys. 

Bananas are not your only go-to’s anymore. The incredibly wide range of HALO Snacks brings about an exciting plethora of taste bud stimuli which will ensure that your summer cravings and winter longings are not for fruits ever again! 

HALO Snacks with a unique technology of lyophilization takes the fruit, removes 90-95% of the water content, and makes it accessible to be eaten during all times, especially because of the amazing shelf life it has! 

Adding seasonal fruits, off-season: is that healthy? Yes, it is 100% healthy, natural, and nothing that will affect your health. Let’s take you through the benefits of the all-season HALO snacks:

1. Healthy snack

The fruits are handpicked from across the country for you to experience the farm-to-home pleasure of seasonal fruits. They are gluten-free and 100% vegan. They do not use any additives or preservatives. What preserves them is the technology that removes the water content and the freeze dried fruits remain that way for a prolonged period of time without perishing, unlike regular fruits. Thus, your freeze dried strawberry will not have additives for them to last the summer. Your golden apple will not look like the malicious queen’s poisoned apple but will stay absolutely healthy and tasty for your cravings

2. Easy to carry and on-the-go

These freeze dried fruits are packed in an airtight pouch which is super convenient to carry and roam around. So, be it when you’re in the auto-rickshaw or the bus, the pack will not betray you, it won’t make you lookout for a more convenient space to eat (you can munch onto your favorite freeze dried fruits on the go!)  

3. Long shelf life

With a shelf life so long that it will stay the entirety of off-season, the process of making it almost sound like magic! Lyophilisation ensures that the food has a long shelf life. The misconceptions behind it being processed and with additives is a total myth while freeze dried golden apple and mangoes not in their seasons become your reality. 

These freeze dried fruits also ensure that you receive all the health benefits of having actual fruits despite the water content being removed. Lyophilisation essentially takes the water content out for the nutrients to stay in the fruit pieces but more compactly. Imagine this: A mango taken, all the extra water content is removed, and the pack is filled with the goodness of two mangoes now! They retain the exact same nutrients as the original fruit. The nutrients present in these snacks include:

  • Freeze Dried Mango: The summer mangoes are rife with Vitamin A and C which are super beneficial for your immunity. Vitamin A helps with eyes and skin while Vitamin C is brilliant for muscle and bone growth alongside building a strong immune system.
  • Freeze Dried Strawberry: Packed with antioxidants strawberries are fat-free, cholesterol-free, and very low in calories. They are brilliant sources of manganese and potassium alongside, of course, the immunity building, Vitamin C. 
  • Freeze Dried Papaya Pineapple: Papayas are packed with Vitamins A and C and tons of antioxidants which reduce the risk of heart diseases. Pineapple combined with Papaya adds to the list and is super rich in nutrients.

Alongside all of these, HALO Snacks also introduced their classic new variant of banana and strawberry combination which is a hundred percent natural and beneficial to your health. The variants are exciting and fusion in a way you could have never imagined. They work wonders with health and with your taste buds. 

Add them with your smoothies, oatmeals, muesli, trail mix, mocktails, and cocktails, as your study pack, vacation pack, late-night snacks, or early morning breakfast, even exciting post-lunch dessert mix with yogurts, and a lot more. Thus, your seasonal sadness can now go on a vacation, because it’s time for you to put on that hat, take a twirl, or do a quick jump because your favorite seasonal fruits are right on your door, knocking and snacking for you to munch on HALO Snacks! Buy now!