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Benefits of eating freeze dried bananas and strawberry snacks

Many often wonder if it’s healthy to consume freeze dried strawberries and banana snacks. Well, we can assure you that it truly is!

That’s right, munching away on your favourite freeze dried fruit snack is absolutely healthy because it provides you with almost all of the nutrients you’d receive from the fresh fruit itself but with a little crunch! How is this possible? Because of the freeze-drying process. 

What is the Freeze-drying process?

This is a unique process by which fruit is completely frozen and then put under a low-pressure vacuum. This causes the moisture content of the fruit to form into crystals. Through the process of sublimation, these crystals are directly converted in water vapour. Yes, they go from solid to gas without having to take the liquid form. 

How does that help? It essentially removes the moisture content that was in the fruit to leave it behind in a pure form with all it’s nutritious goodness still retained. 

With almost most of its nutrition still intact, it allows for a delicious fruity snack that can be on the shelves for a very long-time! 

How are they different from dried-fruit snacks?

They differ in the way they are prepared as dried fruits do not go through the same process that freeze dried fruit snacks go through. This results in a world of differences between the final outputs for both. 

In the case of dried fruit snacks like dried strawberries and bananas, these extremely nutritious fruits fail to retain a lot of their original nutritional value when they become dried fruit snacks. When fruits are just dehydrated, they lose a lot of moisture content along with the nutritional value. This causes dried strawberries and bananas snacks to be made with artificial sweeteners to make them tasty. All this leads to the final product being responsible for a lot of calories due to the added contents. 

With freeze dried fruit snacks, the freeze dried fruit retains almost all the nutrition resulting in a tasty snack. No additional or artificial sweetening is required as it still holds the original fresh fruit’s flavour.

Buy freeze dried strawberry and banana snacks with HALO and enjoy a calorie-free and vegan-friendly fruit snack! They are a healthy unique combination and flavourful experience for your snacking needs as they are made with zero-chemicals and offer you all necessary fruity nutrition.

The nutritional benefits of freeze dried Strawberries and Banana Snacks

Since freeze dried fruit snacks retain a lot of their original nutritional values, these nutritive fruit snacks are super healthy to have. 

Strawberries are a delicious fruit that’s healthy and safe to consume for even diabetic individuals. Fibre contents of the fruit help regulate blood sugar levels in the body. Strawberries are also highly rich in potassium which can help individuals with a greater risk towards high blood pressure. These nutrients also play a vital role in the health of our heart. 

Freeze dried strawberries also carry a lot of the original antioxidant nutrients that help reduce various types of inflammation in our body and even reduce tumour growth, to an extent. 

Similarly, Bananas are also a highly nutritious fruit that one should consume in appropriate amounts for various health benefits. The fruit is an excellent source of potassium, fibre, Vitamin B6, Vitamin C and various antioxidants that are necessary for a healthy body. 

The high fibre nutrients in bananas help in maintaining gut health. The potassium content of the fruit has similar effects as that of a strawberry, it helps regulate blood pressure and play a role in the health of our heart. 

Bananas also provide us with the necessary vitamins to ensure a healthy body and immune system. 

So it’s clear that freeze dried strawberry and banana snacks provide us with a whole lot of essential nutrition for our body’s healthy functioning. Make sure you never compromise on the required nutritional intake with the help of freeze dried strawberry and banana snacks.

Healthy snacking, anytime, anywhere!

Given how fast-paced our lives have grown to become over the years, it has also been difficult for many to find the time to ensure a healthy meal. 

This is where freeze dried fruit snacks come into the rescue! 

Buy freeze dried strawberry and banana snacks from HALO and never worry about not being able to eat healthy to keep up with your busy schedule. Since they come in very compact sizes to offer you the nutrition of two fruits, you can take them along with you anywhere you go and have it whenever you want. Whether you want to just grab a quick snack at work or munch away on something delicious when enjoying the reruns of your favourite TV shows, freeze dried fruit snacks is your healthy solution for it all.

It is important to keep up with deadlines and schedules but it’s more important to keep your health up! Get yourself a few nutritious packets of freeze dried fruit snacks and healthily snack away at your convenience.