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Benefits of Freeze Dried Mango

If there’s one thing the summers have taught us, it’s that in the blink of an eye, mango season will be over. Without even realising it, you might have had the last juicy mango of the season and then you’ll have to wait another year for these delightful fruits to be back in season. But what if we told you that this needn’t be the case? That’s right, your childhood dreams are about to come true in a second: You can now eat your favourite summer fruit all year round. That’s the cue for you to gasp in absolute delight and disbelief! And then, it’s our turn to tell you how that’s possible.

Presenting to you– HALO freeze dried mangoes. Before we go any further, here’s a quick introduction of all the other fruits HALO gives you, freeze dried: strawberries, papaya and pineapple, banana and strawberry and golden apple. If you want to buy freeze dried mango or any of our other variants, get it with just a couple of clicks on our website!

What’s the deal with HALO freeze dried mango? 

Your favourite tropical king– the mango, is procured from select farms across India and sent to our specially designed manufacturing unit made of high-tech equipment, ready to process. Here, they are cut up into bite-sized pieces before they undergo a process called lyophilisation.

What’s lyophilisation? This is the process where the water inside the fruit is frozen under extremely low temperatures. Then, with the principles of sublimation, this solidified water is directly converted into vapour, leaving behind bite-sized, airy and crunchy pieces of fruit. Take your tropical memories and give them a crunchy twist with HALO.

Nutritional value of freeze dried mango: 

Mangoes, fresh or freeze dried, are rich in various nutrients that help you to remain fit and healthy. These nutrients help boost your body’s metabolism, digestion and immunity, among a host of other things. 

This immunity-boosting fruit contains 20 different types of vitamins and minerals, including vitamin C, vitamin A and vitamin B6, making them a superfood that you should consider in your daily diet. Moreover, it is free of fats, cholesterol and sodium and is very low in calories, making it the ideal replacement for junk food or evening snacks. 

This delicious tropical fruit also has the right amount of carbohydrates for your daily energy needs and comes packed with your daily dose of folate and copper. Last, but definitely not least, it is a fruit rich in fibre, the element that is helpful in keeping your digestive health sound. Consuming mangoes as a part of your daily fruit serving can make you cut down on other carb and fat-filled snacks, while also giving you a filling, sweet and tasty replacement. If these snacks also promise to be crunchy, wouldn’t you consider this a win?

We think you should buy freeze dried mango by HALO because of all of its advantages. 

  1. Our first selling point is that you don’t have to wait for the summer to taste your favourite fruit. This is because of the longer shelf life available for these freeze dried mangoes. Due to the removal of water from the fresh fruit, the microbial reactions that cause fruit rot are cut off, keeping the fruit snacks good to eat for a longer time. Store your snacks after sealing the ziplock package tight, in an airtight container. Enjoy your favourite fruit at any time of the year. How perfect is that?
  2. These snacks are an extremely healthy alternative to regular snacks. This is because there are no added preservatives or sugar in these snacks. The taste of each bite is unique because it is all-natural, with just the water content removed.
  3. Adding to that, the natural sweetness and the crunch reduce your craving for an oily snack like chips or sweet treats. Also, this snack is filling enough to reduce your intake of salty junk food. This is because oily snacks fill you up temporarily and leave you hungry often, causing you to overeat between meals.
  4. What’s more, one packet 30gm packet of HALO freeze dried mangoes actually has the contents of 2 full fresh mangoes! This means that you are consuming snacks packed with the nutrition of a lot of fresh fruit.
  5. Add them to your cereals, and smoothies and even top your yoghurt or ice cream off with them. You can make protein bars and homemade protein laddoos too, the possibilities are endless. You can also simply enjoy them straight out of the packet.
  6. The sad downfall of fresh mango is it can get messy with the juices everywhere, making it less than ideal to be carried with you in case you go to work, school or a trip outdoors. With freeze dried mangoes, you can carry your favourite fruit without any fuss outdoors and leave no trace behind.

Convinced yet? Buy freeze dried mangoes from HALO now!