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The Best and Worst Time to Snack

Contrary to popular belief, snacking is not a completely harmful activity that should be avoided at all costs. Mindful snacking of the right foods and at the right time is all it takes to conquer the guilt monster that tells you snacking leads to an unhealthy lifestyle or reduced fitness!

Snacking mindfully might be difficult, but we’ve got the solution for you! If you have the right snack, making the switch is going to be a piece of cake. Presenting to you, HALO freeze dried fruit snacks!

HALO is a product of Saraf Foods, a pioneer in the freeze dried fruits and vegetables space. It comes in many varieties: Strawberry, mango, papaya, pineapple, banana and golden apple. Check out our products on the website: <Link>

What’s the best time to snack?

With Breakfast:

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and for good reason. It boosts your brainpower and keeps you active. It also helps the immune system run smoothly and keep diseases at bay. A regular, healthy breakfast pattern is essential for strong bones, muscles and nerves. It also needs to be well-rounded so that you get the right amount of nutrients. Snacking on a protein bar, or completing your meal with a glass of milk are all great options. You can add freeze dried fruits into the protein bar (if they’re homemade, that’s even better), put them in your cereal, or have them straight out the packet. It adds a nice crunch and taste to your meal while making it balanced.

During work:

It’s best to keep your brain active while you work, especially if it is a desk job because things get really tiring, really fast, without you realising it. Munching on some freeze dried fruit snacks that you can store at your desk gives you a quick energy boost, without the oily residue of junk food or messy fruity residue of fresh fruit. Store a packet in your desk drawer and snack away!

After workouts: 

After your workout sessions, it is important to restock your energy. Your muscles will be tired and will need some proteins, carbohydrates, iron, vitamins and minerals to build themselves back up. A good protein shake usually does the trick, but why not go the extra mile? Buy freeze dried fruit snacks and top off your protein shake with them for extra nutrition and taste.

These are certain instances where it is a good idea to snack. Otherwise, it is generally advised to snack once every four hours to keep your blood sugar from spiking haphazardly. You have to make sure that it keeps you adequately full and gives you a proper energy boost, instead of a sudden surge and an even quicker drop, like junk food tends to do.

What’s the worst time to snack?

  • Before bedtime: Eating at night should be a minimum of two hours before bed, so that your body has time to digest the food and process the energy before you go to bed. Snacking immediately before bedtime usually tends to slip into dangerous binge territory and also disrupts your sleep routine. If you are feeling too hungry before bed, pop a handful of HALO snacks. They are light, but nutritious and filling, causing no harm.
  • After breakfast: Eating between breakfast and lunch is often considered a bad idea and might lead to weight gain. Keep a check on your snacking habits, especially during this time!

  • Munch on HALO, anytime, anywhere!

    No matter the place or time, snacking on HALO is never a no. Here’s why.

    1. These snacks contain no added preservatives or sugar. Each bite is unique and tangy because it is all-natural, with just the water content removed.
    2. The natural sweetness and the crunch reduce your craving for an oily snack like chips or sweet treats. These snacks keep your unhealthy cravings at bay.
    3. Oily or sweet snacks fill up your stomach for the time being and make you hungry more often, leading you to binge on them more. But these snacks are made up of real fruit, so you will feel full and reduce your untimely food intake throughout the day, especially after breakfast.
    4. These fruits don’t rot because the microbial reactions have been cut due to the absence of water. They last longer than fresh fruit, for months together. So, you can enjoy seasonal fruits in snack form all through the year as well as buy and store them in bulk.
    5. The lightweight snack comes in attractive zip-lock packaging. So, you can carry them and munch on them anywhere when you feel a bit hungry or fatigued and store the rest for later. 
    Buy HALO freeze dried fruit snacks now and get the joy of a good snack, good health and an explosive crunch, all in one go!