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Bust the Myth: Busy Mornings and Healthy Breakfasts don't go Together!

Imagine this: It’s a Monday morning, your entire family (including you) has a super busy schedule, and it’s raining outside, but Monday is being cruel as usual, you cannot compromise. A little more sleep means perhaps skipping breakfast (or picking up something really unhealthy). 

What do you do then?

It is true that easy breakfast options available for busy mornings are near to nil. Almost all healthy breakfast options which are also tasty call for something elaborate or to the least, a long cooking period. This becomes difficult to achieve and in turn, we end up munching on something very casual and unhealthy ignoring the health repercussions to it. 

HALO Snacks has proved to be revolutionary in terms of easing out breakfast options. Their freeze dried fruits transform eating habits like never before. But first, what is the meaning of freeze dried fruits? 

Freeze dried fruits are essentially fruits that have been lyophilized. The process of lyophilization includes freezing of the fruits, after which they are placed in a vacuum chamber so the water content can be removed through sublimation. They have a massive range of variants including strawberry, golden apple, mango, pineapple, and a mix of banana-strawberry, and papaya-pineapple. 

HALO freeze dried fruits can be used in many ways for breakfast - as entire packs, as well as condiments. As entire packs, they can be quite filling. This is because the fruits that are freeze dried are reduced to their nutritional value sans the extra moisture, which allows more fruit capacity in less space-consuming packs. 

Here is an easy recipe on how you can add HALO Snacks to your breakfast oatmeal regularly: 

  1. Take rolled oats and almond milk. You can always choose regular milk, but almond milk however caters to a larger consumer. Mix them well together. 
  2.  Add some vanilla extract for flavor. 
  3. Mix some fun nuts like peanuts, cashews, almonds, etc. You can also think of adding dry fruits like raisins and date pieces. 
  4. Once this mix is done, choose from a range of varieties that HALO Snacks offers - strawberry, mango, golden apple, or pineapple. If you’re in the mood for some fusion mix, either go DIY or choose from HALO’s fusion mix - banana-strawberry or papaya-pineapple (amazing, I know!) 
  5. And then yay! Your fun mix of oatmeal and freeze dried fruits is ready and good to eat! 

You can also try the freeze dried fruits with other breakfast staples like smoothie bowls, cereals, fruit salads, etc. 

What if you don’t have time for these recipes too? Go solo! Trust this, HALO freeze dried fruits are packed with health benefits and more! 

Here are the benefits of HALO Snacks: 

1. Healthy, Natural, Vegan, Gluten-Free

The fruits are handpicked from across the country for you to experience the pleasure of seasonal fruits. You do not have to wait an entire year for fruits like strawberry and mango to come back to the season. They are gluten-free and 100% vegan. With no added sugar, it also reduces health risks. Unlike regular fruits, these have their water content removed, which increases their shelf-life. Thus, your freeze dried mango will not have additives for them to last the winter. Thus, while you were craving for a quick breakfast, you have also got a range to choose from now!  

2. Packed with nutrients:

Mind you, the freeze dried fruits carry the goodness of the fruits, so every variant of HALO Snacks, carries the essential nutrients like vitamins, antioxidants, minerals, and fibers. This means that HALO Snacks as breakfast is a completely healthy choice and you don’t have to be guilty of skipping an elaborate meal. It will keep you full, and provide the benefits of the fruit. 

3. Easy to carry and on-the-go

These freeze dried fruits are packed in an airtight pouch which is convenient to carry and roam around. So, if you don’t have the time to sit and eat, be assured, you can eat it on the go! (Millennial problems have millennial solutions!) Thus, the pack will not end up making a mess of your hands like you experience while grabbing a quick bite of healthy fruits. Munch on as you go, chances are that you’ll not be able to stop! 

 4. Store It Easy!

As mentioned earlier, the shelf life is really long, although the onus of you finishing it off in two days is completely on you. Thus, if you have stored up to sixteen packs of HALO Snacks, please do not worry about its shelf life, you can munch on as much as you want. 

The point being, you do not have to worry about your breakfast anymore, feel absolutely free to grab a pack of HALO, mix it up with your regular breakfast meals, or just go solo, HALO Snacks has got your back, and will not let you down!