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This Children’s Day Gift Your Child a Tasty and Healthy Treat

The day to celebrate our tiny tots and the tiny tots in us is just around the corner. Bring out pure joy, happiness and wonder in everyone, this Children’s Day! Add to the celebration by gifting your little ones something special that they can enjoy, savour and share with their friends. These small gifts and memories we make are what will last a lifetime and create a really special bond with your child. If you’re thinking of Children’s day gifts, we have an idea for you. A HALO freeze dried fruit snack gift basket! It’s fun, it’s healthy and it’s new too, a superhit among your kids and their friends!

HALO freeze dried fruit snacks are made by picking the best fruits from select farms across the country. From farm to fork, we give you the best of fruits that are healthy, tasty and unique. The carefully curated fruits undergo a process called lyophilization where the high-tech machines remove the water inside the fruit. You now have bite-sized, crunchy pieces of fruit that you can enjoy straight out of the pack! This is the technology used to eat food in outer space. So, trust us when we tell you, these snacks are out of this world!

Here’s why we think HALO is the perfect Children’s Day gift. Your kids won’t be disappointed and neither will you!

1. HALO is your best friend, naturally.

We know all about parents trying to find the right snacks for their kids. Wouldn’t it be helpful if you got natural snacks with no added preservatives or sugar or added chemicals, that’s only fruit? What’s more, it’s not baked or fried, so there is no worry of your child overindulging in snacking. This snack is only made of fruit with an added crunch. So, if your child is gluten intolerant or if you follow a vegan lifestyle at home, this snack ticks all boxes. You’ll simply love how easy it is to snack on these fruits!

2. It’s perfect to pack in a lunch box. 

Are you someone who is constantly looking to innovate when it comes to your kid’s lunch boxes? Try something unique every day to get them to eat healthy while making it tasty? HALO is perfect for that. Pack it as a snack, or top it off on your kid’s after-lunch yoghurt to make it interesting and unique. The surprising crunch, the tanginess of the fruit and the subtle taste of the yoghurt comes together beautifully to make it an enjoyable meal. You can also make your own protein bars at home by throwing in their favourite dry fruits, some freeze dried fruits, nuts and some dates to form bite-sized protein bars. Pack it in their lunch and see it vanish without a trace! The world is your oyster with HALO. Try any recipe you want and experiment! Fruity laddoos? Trail mix? Smoothies? Pies? It’s all possible.

3. Say bye-bye to mid-class hunger pangs! 

Your child will love this Children’s Day gift because it’s not only tasty but also fills them up quite well. One packet of HALO can keep them hunger-free and focused on their classes without wanting to reach for their snack bag and sneak in a bite in between those math equations! Here’s why: HALO, while appearing to be very light and crunchy to eat, is actually made of a lot of fresh fruit. The weight reduces because the water content is removed, but the nutrition stays intact. So, if you eat one 25gm packet of freeze-dried strawberries, you’re actually eating 250gm of fresh fruit! It’s healthy and filling, all in one go.

4. Leave no trace behind, ninja-style!

All the snacks you pack come back with oily boxes and crumbs in the lunch bag that takes a good amount of time to clean, only to be reset again. Imagine this utopian setting where your child leaves no mess behind once the snacks are done! HALO is not baked or fried, so there is no residue left behind, in their hands, in their boxes and bags. They don’t have too many crumbs, so there’s no spillage at all. Easy to pack, easy to eat, easy to clean. Now that’s the perfect Children’s Day gift for both parent and child!

5. Sharing is definitely caring 

A school picnic or your kid hanging out with friends? You can definitely pack a bunch of fruit snacks for them to share. It’s super lightweight and is the perfect snack for travel and picnics. While it is lightweight, it is also filling, which makes it the perfect oxymoron! The packets are also resealable with zip locks, so it’s easy to share and save the rest for later. 

So, parents, look no further. This Children’s Day, surprise your child with a fruity and tasty treat. You can pick from a variety of fruits including pineapple, papaya, mango, banana, strawberry and golden apple. Want to try them all with your kids? Buy them all and don’t worry about storing them. These snacks are long-lasting when kept at room temperature and do not rot like fresh fruit because of the absence of water. If your kid’s a fussy eater and does not like fruits especially, introduce them to freeze dried fruit this Children’s Day. It’s fun, it’s healthy and it’s filled with newness and excitement. HALO is a child at heart!