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Choosing the right snack is important! Best Healthy Snacks for You

Whether it’s school, work or just a day at home, we end up munching on different snacks throughout the day to keep hunger at bay. After more than a year of working and attending school from home, with schedules going awry, our eating and snacking habits have also changed drastically. Chips and other junk food have slowly crept into our daily meals and it might not be the best outcome to this situation. But worry not, because everything has a fun and simple solution!

Snacking between meals is okay and sometimes even important to make sure that our hunger does not distract us from the day. Choosing the right snacks, however, is more important. It needs to be filling, nutritious and fun to eat at the same time. This is where HALO comes in.

HALO freeze dried fruit snacks are just fruit that undergoes the process of lyophilization, where the water content of the fruit is removed through sublimation. The result? Just the nutritious fruit left behind in an airy, crispy form. Healthy snacks? We got you!

What sets HALO apart from other snacks?

  1. Just fruit, freeze dried: It is often difficult to find snacks that are completely healthy. There is always one aspect- it might be fried, or it might have added sugar that doesn’t make it totally healthy. But with HALO freeze dried fruit snacks, you get snacks that are wholly healthy. With no added sugar or preservatives, the snack is just fruit without the water content. Now you can enjoy a bag full of healthy snacks without feeling snack guilt!
  2. Storage: The absence of water stops microbial reactions from taking place in the fruit, thereby giving it longer shelf life. Buy them, store them and eat them whenever you want. Unlike fresh fruit, they do not get rotten or spoilt! Craving mangoes in the winter? Now you can store them freeze dried and enjoy.
  3. Quantity: The best part about freeze dried fruits is that a lot of fresh fruit goes into making their freeze dried counterparts. For example, a bag of 25 grams of freeze dried strawberries is made up of 250 grams of fresh fruit. So even if you binge on an entire packet, you’re boosting your health by eating healthy snacks!
  4. Easy usage: Snacks usually aren’t conveniently packed or are not easy to carry around, especially to work or school. It might spill, it might give you greasy fingers, the nightmares are endless! With HALO freeze dried fruit snacks, you get a lot of fresh fruit in freeze dried form which is so light weight, that you won’t even know it’s there. The package is properly sealed and is resealable because it’s made with a zip lock. No spilling, no grease, no weight, the dream combination!
  5. The process: Last but not the least, the process of freeze drying does not involve baking or frying. It is a state-of-the-art process using high-end technology to freeze and then immediately dry the fruit to give it that crunch. This makes it the perfect healthy snack.

Healthy snacking needn’t always be boring or lack taste. With HALO, you can turn your health around while snacking on crunchy, tasty goodness. All through the day, you can incorporate these freeze dried fruits into your routine and give it the shake-up you didn’t know you needed!

  1. Breakfast: Breakfast is usually the most important yet hurried meal of the day. Cereal, fruits or just a smoothie would probably make up the meal for most households. Why not make it extra special with just a little twist? Top off your cereal, oatmeal or fruit salad with a handful of freeze dried fruits. It adds taste and a different texture to your everyday breakfast!
  2. Lunch: A packet of HALO snacks in your kid’s lunchbox or your own can make meals interesting and fun! Eat it straight out of the packet with your lunch or sprinkle it on your after-lunch yoghurt to give it a fresh taste!
  3. Desserts: Thinking of after-dinner desserts to celebrate a good day? May it be muffins, pies, cake or just ice cream, topping it with freeze dried fruits will make it fun and tasty.
  4. Healthy snacking: Planning a hike, a camping trip, a road trip or just the meals for the week? Adding a granola bar or trail mix to your evening snack or trip snack not only fills the stomach but also keeps you healthy. Freeze dried fruit snacks can add a little bit of zing and crunch to your snacks. You can also try any new recipe by adding these freeze dried fruits and have a new and exciting snack ready to go for you and your family.

The gift of health is enjoyed in abundance when it is shared with everyone you know. A healthy gift idea would be to send a box of HALO freeze dried fruit snacks to your friends and family. Get them in on the secret to your fun meals and gear up to get super healthy while snacking. It is the perfect healthy gift you can give because it’s tasty, it’s nutritious and packaged to please the eye and make for great storage. Grab your favourite fruit, freeze dried by HALO, today!