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Creative ways to use freeze dried bananas and strawberries

Bananas and strawberries are easy-to-consume, versatile and extremely tasty fruits. What makes them a unanimous choice as everyone’s top favourite fruit is that while they are great for the tastebuds, they also offer a plethora of health benefits! From overall immunity to specific benefits, these fruits are the way to go to improve your nutrition quotient. With daily schedules becoming too hectic and the need to juggle work and life being the need of the hour, easy, on-the-go consumption of these fruits come as a much needed alternative. With people turning towards easier options for healthy living, it is important to weigh your options to choose the best way to reach that goal. This is where freeze dried strawberry and banana snacks come into the picture. Here’s how they can add a twist to your day while being conscious of your health.


HALO freeze dried strawberry and banana snacks

  1. 100% natural: HALO products undergo a freeze drying process where the water content in the fruits are removed with the help of sublimation, resulting in fruits that are still 100% natural, retaining all the nutrients it has to offer.
  2. No added sugar: HALO freeze dried fruits do not contain any added sugar or preservatives. They are 100% natural and the flavour of real fruit is retained through the process.
  3. Vegan: Buy freeze dried strawberries and bananas from HALO as they’re also vegan! Make great and healthy lifestyle choices with this purchase.
  4. On-the-go snacking: No mess, no hassle, these snacks can be had on-the-go, straight out of the packet! A perfect companion for your hectic schedules.
  5. Longer shelf-life: Freeze drying fruits makes sure that the water content is removed and hence, lasts longer than average fruits. Store at ambient room temperature and consume HALO snacks all-year round! Now you don’t have to wait for your favourite fruit to be in season.

Buy freeze dried strawberry and banana for a healthy addition to your day. Here are some health benefits of strawberries and bananas.

The health benefits of strawberry and banana

  1. Immunity: Strawberries are among the top 20 fruits that have the highest amount of antioxidants. With high Vitamin C and E presence, strawberries help in maintaining and boosting immunity while also clearing up your skin. They also help in healing wounds and maintaining strong and healthy bones. Bananas have shown to improve kidney health while boosting overall immunity.
  2. Heart health: Strawberries are packed with nutrition and are known to reduce inflammation and improve vascular function. They also keep the blood flow smooth and boost overall heart health. The antioxidants as well as the potassium found in bananas also ensure robust heart functioning while keeping blood pressure under control.
  3. Blood sugar: Studies suggest that strawberries slow down the breakdown of glucose that then joins the bloodstream as sugar. This means that they keep the blood sugar in check. Bananas help moderate blood sugar levels in the system. The presence of fiber also helps in keeping the sugar levels in check.
  4. Calories: Strawberries are low in calories but very high in health benefits. Hence, eating strawberries fill you up while keeping your calorie intake for the day in check. Bananas also have relatively low calories and help keep an eye on your weight.
  5. Cholesterol: These berries are also known to keep cholesterol in check. Eating 5 strawberries a day could significantly lower cholesterol in the system.
  6. Gut health: Bananas are rich in fiber and are known to improve digestion and maintain overall gut health.

With freeze dried strawberry and banana snacks, you can get the goodness of both these fruits for double the health benefits, while enjoying them all through the year. Combine fun with health this year and buy freeze dried strawberries and bananas on the HALO website.

Creative ways of using freeze dried strawberries and bananas snacks

  1. Breakfast: Are you someone who breaks their fast with a bowl of cereal or oats? Here’s how you can add a fun twist to it! Top off your cereal bowl with freeze dried fruit snacks. Apart from adding a nutritional boost to your morning meal, it also adds to the taste, packed with a little crunch! 

    There are also plenty of other ways to add freeze dried fruits to your breakfast. Pack it in between sandwiches, replace your cereal with them or even have them on-the-go if your day is busy. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and freeze dried fruits are here to give you a respite!

  2. Smoothies: A good workout or a restful yoga session must be accompanied by a nutritious drink that will restore your energy. Fruit smoothies are the way to go! Add a fun twist to your fruit smoothies by topping them off with freeze dried fruits. This adds a whole new layer to the drink instead of just offering one texture to your taste buds. Look forward to shaking things up with this creative approach! Apart from this, you can also add them to your juices and milkshakes to give it an added boost of health and flavour. 
  3. Desserts: Fruits and desserts go hand in hand. Fruits tend to elevate desserts and give them a much needed contrast in terms of the sweet-sour flavour palette. Add these crunchy delights on your ice-cream or top off your cakes with them. 

You can even experiment with chocolate coated freeze dried fruits, add them to your cupcakes and muffins, stuff them in baked goodies like croissants, buns and so much more! Strawberries and bananas are extremely versatile fruits and go well with all sorts of desserts. The end of every meal can now be sweet, nutritious and interesting!

Buy freeze dried strawberry and banana from HALO Snacks and prepare to eat healthy while also enjoying the refreshing and flavourful treats. These fruity delights are all you need to make your day healthier and better!