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Do Freeze Dried Fruits Have More Sugar Than Fresh Fruit?

With people all over the world becoming more and more conscious of their diets, their lifestyle choices and what they choose to consume, there are a lot of nutritional facts that are coming to light. Along with it are several misconceptions about what is considered healthy and what isn’t. One such misconception is about fruits.

Fresh fruits are the best way to keep your diet in check– they’re nutritious, they enhance bodily functions and they are also extremely tasty- all in one. Fruits have fibre, water and a solid bite. They require chewing and are broken down in the mouth before they reach your stomach. A glass of aerated drinks has sugar and fructose that directly goes to the liver and also has 0 nutrition. But on the other hand, fructose from fresh fruits goes to the liver slowly, in parts and in very small amounts. This means that even though fruits have fructose, they are not unhealthy. 

The bottom line: Sugar in fresh fruit is not harmful. It adds to the taste, so it’s a complete win.

Freeze dried fruits: 

Now that we’ve cleared up that the sugar in fresh fruit is harmless, let’s move on to their freeze-dried counterparts. What are freeze dried fruits?

It’s simple really: Fruits from select farms across the country are handpicked and taken to a freeze-drying plant. Using advanced technology and a process called lyophilisation, the water content is completely frozen and then directly converted into gas through the sublimation process (Direct solid to vapour conversion). So, what you get is crispy, airy, bite-sized pieces of fruit snacks.

In a nutshell, this is all that happens to the fruit. While the water content is removed, most of the nutrition and flavour of each fruit, like freeze dried strawberry slices and freeze-dried pineapple (no sugar added), remain intact. What you get is a crunchy snack that is healthy and incredibly tasty!

These tasty treats are then packaged in attractive, zip lock bags and transported across the country, right to your doorstep. 

The best part about freeze dried fruits:

Whether you’re a fan of freeze dried pineapples, strawberries, mango, papaya, golden apple or banana, HALO has you covered on all fronts. We love giving you the best of both worlds: Health and taste, to make your snacking journey interesting and adventurous.

  1. No added sugar: Yes, you heard it right! It’s fresh fruit without the water content and that’s it. There are no added preservatives or sugar in these snacks. What you see is what it is. The unique taste of each bite is proof of this. Sweet, tangy or even slightly sour, these taste like how actual fruits taste- not uniformly one particular taste. 
  2. Not baked or fried: If you’re then concerned about whether these are less healthy compared to fresh fruits because of some other reasons like baking or frying– we’re here to bust that myth too. Freeze dried fruits are not baked or fried. They have nothing in them that makes them “junk” food. The technology used makes them crunchy solely by removing all the water from them.
  3. Snack on the go: These lightweight snacks are easy to carry and snack on the go. They are filling and nutritious too, and can be added to other foods to make them healthier and tastier.

Another advantage of these fruits is you can add them to your regular meals! Top off your cereals, smoothies and yoghurt with freeze dried fruits to get a refreshing and crunchy twist. Make your desserts more exciting by adding these fruits to the dough or batter (cookies, pies and more). The possibilities are endless.

Freeze dried fruits do not have more sugar compared to fresh fruits. What you taste is exactly what’s in a piece of fresh fruit, so you have nothing to worry about. If you’re looking for a healthy snacking solution, we recommend: HALO freeze dried fruit snacks. Crunchy, tasty and healthy, you’ll keep coming back for more.