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Experience the taste of Crunchy Freeze Dried Mango snacks

Experience the taste of Crunchy Freeze Dried Mango snacks.

Looking for a convenient little snack that packs all the necessary nutrients with a tasteful crunch? Well, freeze dried mango snacks are your answer! That’s right, freeze dried mango snacks offer the nutritional richness contained within the actual mango fruit but in little bite-sized snacks. You get all the goodness of mango nutrition along with a unique crunchy twist that you can carry anywhere and have at your convenience. Buy freeze dried mango online with HALO and get the natural flavour and nutrition of Mango in a compact package that you can carry everywhere. Whether you’re crunching in hours for work or enjoying a fun movie night, relish mango healthy snacks!

Dried or freeze dried?

A lot of people tend to get confused between dried fruit snacks and freeze dried fruit snacks. Well, what‘s the difference? There’s a lot of difference between the process of how they are prepared and the final nutritional aspect in both. When made into dried fruit snacks, the moisture content within a fresh fruit is taken out but it also tends to lose a lot of its original nutritional value. Various nutrients are lost in the process which leads to a decreased nutritional value for the final product. This also means that the dried fruit snack loses a lot of the original taste of the fresh fruit, leading to the usage of additional sweeteners. Dried fruit snacks are made more flavourful with the help of artificial sweetening with results in a higher calorie count when looking to snack healthy. On the other hand, a freeze dried Mango snack is the right blend of convenient snacking and delicious nutrition! Our mango contains a perfect blend of Kesar, procured from Junagadh, Gujarat and Dasheri, from the city of Nawabs-Lucknow. They are transported to us with utmost care.Once they reach our facility, the process begins with controlled ripening, washing, hand peeling, hand slicing and remove water using freeze drying/lyophilization. Then through the process of sublimation, where the frozen fruit is put under a low pressure vacuum that helps convert the moisture-containing ice crystals to directly turn into water vapour, without ever going back to their liquid form. This helps remove almost 99% of the fruit’s moisture content. Freeze drying is the dehydration by sublimation of a frozen product. With the absence of water, the microbiological reactions stop and more goodness can be packed, transported to you at ambient temperature. What does that leave behind? The original fruit in its purest form, retaining almost all of its original nutritional content. This also allows for the final product to not lose the fruit’s natural sweetness and flavour, erasing the need for any artificial and additional sweetening. Finally, you have a highly nutritious and flavourful snack to consume at your convenience! So as you can see, while both are convenient snacks to have on-the-go, one’s more healthier than the other. When trying to maintain a healthy diet routine while also having to keep up with your constant hectic schedule, freeze dried Mango snacks are the way to go! Experience the 100% natural richness of freeze dried mango snacks with every HALO packet! A vegan friendly healthy snack made with zero-chemicals is your ultimate solution to nutritious and delicious snacking while on-the-go.

Nutritional Benefits of freeze dried Mango Snacks

Every bite of freeze dried mango snacks contain the same nutritional value and health benefits as your fresh Mango fruit. So what are they? Mango is a fruit that naturally contains low calories but packs a lot of nutrients! The fruit is a good source of strong antioxidants. These help protect the body from radical cells that tend to damage our body. They have been known to help, to a certain extent, in battling the harmful cells that lead to various major diseases and conditions like cancer and diabetes. Mango nutrition also provides our body with a high-level of vitamin A which plays a very important role in the strengthening of our immune system to fight off various infections. Though it’s not the most common source for vitamin C, Mango does provide a good amount that helps our body build healthy white-blood cells to improve our skin’s defenses. The vitamin also helps with skin and hair health. Various other nutrients that aid our immunity such as vitamin K, vitamin E, vitamin B and folate are also available with freeze dried mango snacks. The high-amounts of antioxidants in Mangos help in maintaining good heart and eye health. The vitamin A also plays a role in keeping your eyes healthy. The fruit also contains healthy digestive enzymes that improve our body’s digestive health.

Living Healthy with Mango!

Mango is a fruit very well-known for it’s highly beloved fruit flavour, thanks to which it is an easy fruit to incorporate in our diet for a delicious nutritious touch. With our busy lifestyle habits, it can be hard to focus on preparing yourself a proper healthy meal. So you can buy freeze dried Mango snacks with HALO to help you add a quick little touch of healthy and flavourful crunch! Incorporate the nutritious goodness of Mango in any meal you like with HALO freeze dried mango snacks. Carry the little bites of mango nutrition wherever you go, so you can keep up with any schedule and never compromise on eating healthy!