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Halo Snacks - A Healthy Nutritious Snack

Are you a parent looking to introduce something fun but healthy into your kids’ diet? Someone living by themselves and trying to eat healthier but simply not finding the time? Or are you simply looking to change up your eating habits and explore something fun yet healthy? This is the right place for all of you!


A healthy nutritious snack that is also tasty is not hard to find anymore. When we saw how tasty and healthy these snacks were abroad, we decided that they had to be made available in India for everyone here to enjoy. By sourcing the best fruits from across the country and using high-tech equipment, we bring to you top-quality snacks for any occasion.  

What are freeze dried fruit snacks?

With health and taste always being mutually exclusive, we found a way to bring them both together with HALO. How is that possible?

 In India, fruits are rich in nutrition and taste. We source fruits like bananas, strawberries, mangoes, pineapples, papayas and golden apples that are packed and transported to us. Now the magic unfolds! With the process of lyophilisation and the principles of sublimation (Converting solid to vapour), we give you the grand end product

But what actually happens?

We put the fruits in extremely low temperatures so that the water content in them is frozen. Then, the frozen water is promptly removed from the fruit by converting it directly into vapour (without going through the liquid stage). So, now that all the water is gone, we are left with fruits that are airy, light and definitely crunchy! Most of the nutrition ends up intact inside these freeze dried fruit snacks, making them tasty and super healthy.

 Then, they’re packaged in attractive, colourful, yet functional zip-lock packets from where they’re sent to shops, and to your doorsteps. You can now purchase HALO freeze dried fruits via our website or on Amazon. Pick from a wide variety of fruits and enjoy a delicious snack.

 What’s the best part about freeze dried fruits?

1. Made with care and love

We don’t want you to miss out on taste in the search for health. So, we bring to you freeze dried fruit snacks, that are not baked or fried. This means there is no added oil and it is made crunchy with our other techniques. They are only freeze dried, which means that you can still enjoy crunchy snacks without feeling the guilt of eating junk food! Moreover, there are no added preservatives or sugar and they’re 100% natural and vegan. This makes them the best snack for people of all ages and with any dietary preferences.

2. Store them for longer, and enjoy them better!

The water in the fresh fruits reacts with microbes and this causes fruit rot. Our process removes the water, thereby cutting off the rotting process. Freeze dried fruits last way longer than fresh fruit in this case, which means you can enjoy seasonal fruits even when they’re not in season! You don’t have to simply crave your favourite fruit in the off-season again because you can have them all year round! 


3. On-the-go snacking

Snack anytime anywhere on these freeze dried fruit snacks. Not only are they extremely backpack-friendly, they are also mess-free and incredibly filling. This is because one packet of 25-30 grams of freeze dried fruit is made from a lot of fresh fruit! Removing the water makes the weight go down, but you are still eating the nutritional equivalent of 250 grams of strawberries in a 25-gram packet. How cool is that? 

You can also store them easily by closing the zip lock provided. For further storage, you can put it in an airtight container as well. This is because the fruits are hygroscopic and absorb moisture very quickly, making them softer. So in case you’re not able to finish them in one sitting (Which is impossible, we guarantee it!), you can store them this way.

4. Snack straight out of the packet or make your meals fancy!

You can have these snacks straight out of the packet or incorporate them into your everyday meals. Top your cereal, smoothie or yoghurt off with freeze dried fruits, add them to your cookie dough, ice cream or any other desserts, and make granola bars… Experiment as you wish! It gives a unique taste and texture to every dish. Moreover, you can also add a dash of health on the go to any dish you make.


Finding a healthy snack is hard. Sometimes it might be healthy but not tasty enough to stick with. Maybe it’s not satisfying the snack factor, making you go back to junk food. But when a snack is tasty, healthy AND crunchy, there is no need to look elsewhere! Buy HALO freeze dried fruits and enjoy the three in one combination for instant happiness. Enjoy all our different variants while you catch up on your favourite movies, a good workout and more!