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HALO Snacks: Delicious and Healthy Snacking Options

Crunchy, munchy, crispy, flavourful - these are just some of the words that pop into one’s mind while thinking about snacks. Today’s market boasts of a seemingly endless amount of snacking options - there is much to choose from! But one thing that is perhaps lacking within the market is the presence of healthy snacking options.

The words “healthy” and “snacks” don’t pair well, do they? It is a common misconception that healthy snacks miss the mark when it comes to flavour and crunch - two very important characteristics of a snack. However, this is gradually changing. As people are becoming increasingly health-conscious, the prevalence of healthy snacking options is seeing a gradual rise in the market.


Healthy snack? 

Firstly, what defines a healthy snack? There are several criteria one should consider when purchasing a healthy snack:

  • A healthy snack satiates one’s craving but does not spoil their appetite, especially during mealtime.
  • Healthy snacks keep one energized.
  • Components of a healthy snack are often nutrients that are good for the body.

 And among the several options is HALO freeze dried fruit snacks - a delicious and healthy snacking option for all! Let’s dig into these scrumptious snacks.


What are freeze dried fruit snacks?

Everything you need to know is in the name itself - HALO freeze dried fruit snacks. This uses a  process known as lyophilisation. Fresh fruits, such as strawberries from Lonavala are procured and frozen at an extremely low temperature. The second step is vaporizing the water in the fruit by directly converting the solid to gas. The process results in an airy, crunchy piece of fruit that lasts much longer while also retaining most of its vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. The pieces of fruit are then packed with love in zip lock bags that ensure the crunchiness of the fruit snacks even after opening the pack.


How are HALO fruit snacks healthy? 

There are plenty of steps that have been taken to ensure that HALO fruit snacks are healthy and can be consumed by people of all ages. What about these fruit snacks make them healthy? Let’s find out:

  • The process of freeze drying ensures that the fruit snacks retain their nutritional integrity.
  • There are zero added sugars in HALO fruit snacks. The sweetness you may taste comes from naturally present fructose.
  • The fruit snacks do not contain any added oils or preservatives.
  • We meant it when we said HALO fruit snacks can be consumed by all, as they are also vegan and gluten-free.
  • A 30g packet of HALO fruit snacks contains double the amount of nutrients. For example, if you’re enjoying a pack of bananas and strawberries - you are consuming 100g of strawberries and an equivalent of 1.5 bananas.

How are HALO fruit snacks going to satisfy my snack cravings? 

We’ve got your cravings covered! Here is how HALO fruit snacks qualify as munching snacks:

  • The crunch factor happens to be extremely important for snacks. The lyophilisation process gives you crunchy pieces of fruit to munch on!
  • When it comes to taste, fruits have unparalleled flavours that can be enjoyed by all. HALO fruit snacks bring to all a wide array of variants. There is something for everyone - from pineapples and mangoes to strawberries and apples. HALO fruit snacks also come in creative combinations, such as papaya and pineapple! An interesting experience for the tastebuds, don’t you think? 


Of course, there is a bonus! While all variants are delicious, there are some days when the heart (and stomach) craves more! You can jazz up your snack time with HALO fruit snacks and some other ingredients as well:

  • Dairy lovers are in luck as HALO fruit snacks pair perfectly with a variety of dairy products. Having some cereal, sprinkle some fruit snacks in! Want to jazz up your yoghurt? Mix the fruit snacks in! Experimenting with ice cream? HALO snacks make the perfect toppings.
  • Homemade trail mixes are another way to pair HALO fruit snacks with something healthy. It’s simple - grab your preferred dry fruits, nuts, seeds, and HALO fruit snacks and mix them together. If you want to try something with some zing, add a dash of salt and chaat masala! Your mix is ready!

Where can I get these fruit snacks? 

HALO fruit snacks are quickly becoming available in multiple avenues. You can order them online from platforms such as Amazon or CRED - or directly order them off the HALO fruit snacks website( They will be delivered to your doorstep at the earliest.