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Halo Turns 1: Here’s How Our Journey Been So Far

As the earth went all the way around the sun, we had something special happen: HALO turned 1! It has been a lovely journey and to see our brand bear fruit for the past 12 months has been nothing short of rewarding and enriching for every single one of us who is a part of the HALO family. We will continue to put our best foot forward to give you quality, delicious freeze dried fruit snacks for years to come. What started as a 7-year-old’s dream to bring freeze dried fruits to India has reached its first destination. Shika Saraf’s love for the snack from the first bite has made a revolution in the freeze dried fruit snack industry. It only gets bigger and better from here on. We hope you’re buckled up and ready to take off with us!

Our journey

HALO is the brainchild of Saraf Foods, established in 1993. We’re a global supplier of freeze dried products and are known for our reliable, honest and thorough practices. We believe in ethical business strategies and are committed to reducing our carbon footprint by consistently investing in sustainable solutions. Our team has devoted manpower to training farmers on the best farming practices, promoting the use of green pesticides and insect repellents. Saraf Foods has also been working with some of the leading global and local CGP companies since its inception. 

We wanted to change the way people looked at snacking. We wanted to give you something that was natural, preservative-free and wholesome, but also fun and tasty to fulfil all your snacking cravings. Why can’t you have the best of both worlds? We wanted to take you on an adventure into the world of healthy snacking, with fruits. It had to be quirky and fun and that’s what freeze drying it did.

We continue to use a high-tech process to bring you your favourite fruit, from farm to fork, but with a slight detour. The process removes most of the water content in the fruit making the fruit airy, crispy and honestly, so much better! That’s how your favourite snack is made. We want you to enjoy your favourite fruits all through the year, without worrying about seasonality or decay. With HALO, the process removes the microbial reactions in the fruits that cause rot and decay. So the snack lasts longer and you can enjoy it all year round. Craving for mangoes in the offseason? We’ve got you covered.

Our products:

Our dream started off with just freeze dried strawberries after tasting a pack from Europe. But we thought, why not explore all the tasty, tropical delights our country has to offer? So we added so many more fruits to our product range. 

Freeze dried strawberries: Tangy, sweet and a hint of sourness makes this snack pack a punch. We guarantee, you can’t stop diving back for seconds and thirds!

Freeze dried mangoes: Satiate your craving for the tropical king anytime, anywhere with the king of all snacks. This sweet and tangy treat is a delight for all your tastebuds.

Freeze dried golden apple: Only the best apples for you! Get the richest apples from select farms across the country in a neat packet for your snacking pleasure.

Freeze dried pineapple: No hassle of cutting and de-skinning your favourite fruit. You can now enjoy it in bite sized pieces with an added crunch!

Freeze dried strawberry and banana: A blend of all things fruity, this one gives you different tastes and textures to enjoy. Sweet, tart and absolutely delicious.

Freeze dried pineapple and papaya: The epitome of health and taste, you get the best combination of everything nice with this sweet and sour snack.

Pick your favourite fruit and try for yourself! Order now.

We have grown leaps and bounds over the past year and look forward to all the new challenges, successes and more to come. However far we go, we promise to only give you natural, tasty and healthy snacks. Feeling snackish? Know that we’re just a click away! Your unwavering support and love helps us and will continue to help us immensely in making our endeavours bigger and better. Here’s to another fruitful year for HALO!