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Health benefits of freeze dried strawberries

On the lookout for a healthy, tasty and on-the-go snacking option? Freeze dried snacks are the best deal for you! Fruits are often known as the perfect healthy choice when you want to snack away. They are sweet, delicious and extremely nutritious - the perfect combo when you wish to stay healthy. But when fruits are presented in different forms, there have been speculations regarding how healthy it is. People are usually skeptical about its authenticity and tend to stick to fresh fruit on most occasions. There have been queries regarding whether artificial sweeteners or enhanced flavours have been used in the making of different fruit-based snacks. The most important question is whether the fruits lose their nutritional value when they are modified. Does it remain to be a healthy option after modification?

What are the benefits of freeze dried snacks?

The process of making freeze dried snacks has proven to retain all the nutrients in the fruits during production. With this process, only the water is removed and the nutritional value is preserved for your healthy snacking! One tiny pack of freeze dried fruits can contain more value than you can imagine. Moreover, they have a longer shelf life and can be stored for all your evening cravings. They can also be carried along when you plan to take a road-trip and wish to pack light. Since they are freeze dried, you can consume off-season fruits all-year-long. Having strawberries during its off-season? Now that’s a twist to your every day! Apart from this, you also have the added benefit of freeze dried snacks in a wide range of variants. From mangoes to strawberries and pineapple, you can experiment with different variants, every other day. In fact, you also get freeze dried snacks in mixed fruit variants, so you can try out new variants every time you feel like it! You can replace it with your breakfast cereals and oats to add a fun and tasty twist to your food intake. Your meals don’t have to feel monotonous as you can try new variants - clearly, there’s no shortage of variety of fruits. They’re also convenient as they can be stored at ambient room temperature away from sunlight and carried anywhere. They have the quality of long-lasting freshness. What are the health benefits of strawberries? Packed with the goodness of vitamin C and manganese, strawberries are also rich in fibre and have high levels of antioxidants. Universally popular, strawberries are everyone’s favourite fruit. The pink, tiny and fruity delights are tasty in every shape and form. Sometimes consumed fresh and raw, these fruits can be modified into jams, jellies and desserts. There is a common misconception that strawberries are sweet in nature and hence are not as healthy as other fruits. They are abundantly rich in vitamin B9 and potassium, among many other nutrients. To an extent, they also provide iron, copper, magnesium and phosphorus. This combination of nutrients can improve digestive health, help in weight loss and prevent many illnesses, the major ones being reduced risk of heart disease while also controlling blood sugar levels. While this may come as a surprise, they are high in water content and extremely low in total carb content. Strawberries also have a low glycemic index, hence making it considerably safe for patients with diabetes.

Why buy freeze dried strawberries?

Sweet, healthy and always fresh, strawberry healthy snacks will always be your guilt-free, go-to snack. You can have them right out of the bag, mix it with your cereal, or even sprinkle them on top of your dessert. Here are some reasons to buy dried strawberries and incorporate them in your every day.

1. Filled with the goodness of nutrients

The freeze-drying of fruits, contrary to popular belief, does not deprive the fruit of its nutritional benefits. Only the water from the fruits is removed, leaving its fresh taste and richness behind for you to devour. You then have healthy, tasty and additive-free fruit that you can enjoy any time! Mostly rich in vitamin C and dietary fibre, this naturally tasty strawberry nutrition snack has no artificial additives or sugar used in its production. As it is entirely stripped of its water content, it has a relatively higher level of nutrients. In fact, apart from its nutritional benefits, freeze dried strawberries can help boost your immune system, prevent digestive troubles and also help in the regulation of blood sugar.

2. Tastes like the goodness of nature

With no added additives or sugars, the freeze dried strawberries taste exactly the way they should - natural, tasty and healthy! Strawberries are one of the tastiest fruits available. You now have the benefit of not having to wait for winter to munch on them, as with freeze dried snacks, they are available every season. Naturally tasty, healthy and filled with nutrition, strawberry is the perfect fruity choice. When freeze dried, the goodness of these tiny delights are filled into packets, making it a wonderful snacking choice that is also convenient to carry around. When packed in other forms, they are packed with artificial sweeteners and other additives that are not so healthy. In the case of freeze dried strawberries, no flavours or ingredients are added as taste enhancers.

3. The comparison between freeze dried strawberries and dried strawberries

The next question that arises is, what’s the difference between buying dried strawberries and freeze dried ones? The answer is that freeze dried fruits rehydrate faster while retaining the original taste of the fruit. They also tend to taste better as the taste is essentially locked-in through the freeze-drying process. In addition, it is better to buy freeze dried strawberries, in comparison to dehydrated or dried fruits, which also have a good shelf life. While trying to move towards a simpler, healthier lifestyle amidst the balance of personal and professional life, it is important to consider all options and consume what’s best for us. Buy freeze dried strawberries online and other varieties of fruits from HALO, for a quick and healthy fix while you move towards a healthier way of living!