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Healthy Dessert Recipes

If your after-meal sweet cravings are at an all-time high, don’t worry, you’re not alone! Everyone craves something light yet sweet and satisfying right after mealtime. It rounds off the delicious (maybe slightly heavy) meal you’ve already had and cleanses your palate perfectly. Amidst all these cravings, the problem arises if you are also watching your fitness and your weight. It gets harder and harder to balance both these needs. But what if we told you that you could have the best of both worlds? 

Presenting to you: HALO freeze dried fruit snacks. Available in different varieties like freeze dried mango, freeze dried strawberry and banana, freeze dried papaya and pineapple, golden apple, strawberry and pineapple, these snacks are not only perfect for your sudden hunger pangs, but they also make perfect substitutes for, or even additions to desserts. Our aim is to give you low-calorie, healthy snacks that do not compromise on taste.

Some dessert ideas with HALO freeze dried fruits

  • Fruit cups: Let’s start with the easiest and also one of the tastiest dessert options for when guests come over: fruit cups! You can add your choice of fruits chopped into a bowl and that could literally be the sweet-sour dessert you need after a heavy meal! It is packed with nutrients, high in water and low in calories. The best part is how highly customisable it is. You can add custard or condensed milk to this and top it off with freeze dried mango or any of your other favourite HALO snacks (and dry fruits, seeds, anything you want!). HALO adds the crunch and makes it so much more interesting!
  • Dry fruit halwa: You can use fresh fruit or dry fruit as your base (almonds, cashews, etc) and whip up some delicious halwa. After soaking the almonds and cashews overnight, grind them into a fine paste with a little splash of milk till it forms a thick paste. Add in the sugar, ghee and optionally saffron. Once it comes to a bubbling thick mixture, you’re done! Our recommendation: Powder up some HALO freeze dried fruits for the natural sweetness and also top it off for a nice crunch in this otherwise viscous sweet! Freeze dried strawberry and banana usually go very well with these types of halwa!
  • Protein snack: If you want a healthier option when it comes to after-meal desserts, a protein bar type snack is a good option. Again, this snack is highly customisable and can be made by adding any number and type of freeze dried fruits, nuts, seeds and dried fruits you like. Toss them together and use a combining agent like honey, jaggery or for a fancier experience, some melted dark chocolate. The freeze dried fruits add great crunch, taste and texture to the snack and the sweetness are just perfect to pass as a fun dessert!
  • Barfi: May it be coconut, almond, badam or any other base, a barfi is an Indian sweet classic. Made by bringing together your base, milk, sugar, ghee and cardamom in low flame, your usual finishing touch could be crushed cashews but we recommend putting some freeze dried fruits in it. It makes the sweet a little tangy, adds a different crunch and enhances your entire dessert.
  • Laddoo: Another Indian classic, a laddoo is a versatile dish solely because you can use literally any ingredient to make these round pieces of heaven. If you’re looking for a healthy version, combine badam, cardamom and roasted ragi flour with some ghee and jaggery to make a healthy yet sweet dessert fix. Roll the laddoo in some honey and then roll it in some crushed freeze-dried fruit snacks for a crunchy exterior and a soft and sweet interior. 
  • While these are just some suggestions, the possibilities are endless with HALO. You can eat them straight out of the pack, or use them as toppings for custard, ice cream, pies, cookies, or anything you’d like. Try out our recipes or come up with your own to make your desserts special and fun!

    HALO freeze dried fruit snacks are healthy as much as they are tasty. Made by removing the water content from the fruits to get crunchy and airy fruit pieces, these snacks retain most of the nutrients of their fresh counterparts. They are not baked or fried, so there is no oil used. Moreover, there is no added sugar or preservatives. What you see is what you get. Only fresh fruit, freeze dried. 

    These snacks are also lightweight and can be carried as a dessert fix during travels, hikes and picnics, or even to school, college or work as an after-meal snack. They don’t leave behind any mess or residue, so you can even have them at your desk while you work. This snack is an all-around fix for any type of snack cravings! Enjoy your favourite HALO snacks by ordering them now.