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Healthy School Time Snacks for Children

School Time snacks are a constant headache especially because it involves balancing health and taste (and of course, the whims which go on with tastes). The moment your school time snack preparation is all healthy, the taste factor comes in, and yet another morning of a fight with your child. HALO Snacks perfectly balances this imbalance with its freeze dried fruits which range from a variety of seasonal fruits including freeze dried mango and strawberry even when it’s off-season

HALO Snacks does not involve any additional additives. The process is very simple: the water content is gently removed from the fruit through a process called lyophilization which allows most of the nutrients to be stored in an easy-to-carry and easy-to-manage pack. 

The health benefits of HALO Snacks are numerous:

  • Pineapples and Mangoes contain Vitamin C. Pineapples also work wonders in easing inflammation. Mangoes, on the other hand, keep cholesterol levels in check.
  • High in fiber and water content, papaya is an absolute favorite for digestion.
  • Strawberries are tiny packages of vitamins C and K and are rich in folic acid, manganese, and potassium. 
  • HALO freeze dried bananas (they will not perish!) are packed with the goodness of vitamin B6 and B12, thus maintaining the energy required for your child throughout the day.

The regular concerns revolving around school time snacks are also solved by HALO Snacks:

  • Easy storage: HALO packaging is so compact that the airtight pack is sufficient to store the freeze dried fruits, and functions as portable pouches for your child in school. It will not mess up the school bags which fruits, in general, would do.
  • More nutrients: The HALO process makes school time snacking all the healthier because of the water removal which makes it easier to store more fruit in less space and thus, more nutrients in the body that needs energy round the clock.
  • Quick to cook: No, the fruits do not require cooking, but in case, you plan on making healthy smoothie bowls or breakfasts with oats, feel free to add up some banana-strawberry freeze dried for the school time snackable teeth that will love the condiments nonetheless and cherish it as new food!
  • 100% natural and gluten-free: Most parents are concerned about the processing of fruits, however, HALO ensures that these freeze dried fruits are absolutely natural with no added preservatives or sugar. Plus, if your child is allergic to gluten, HALO has you covered, it is absolutely gluten-free.

However, this is just the health aspect of it. One of the major issues with preparing snacks for children is the taste --one slight hint of messiness, or even smelliness, and you are assured that the food will not go down the alimentary canal. The food ends up being a plaything, and nutrition just goes all waste. Thus, what HALO Snacks do is, revolutionize the entire concept of school-time snacks into something not just healthy, but tasty, fun, interesting, and multipurpose. Here are some things you can conjure up with HALO Snacks pack:

  • Trail Mix: This should perhaps be the absolute go-to. This particular recipe is so easy to make and filled with nutrients that it will surprise your ideas why haven’t you heard of it before! First, take any of the HALO packs (our secret: fusion them up!) Second, add some nuts, some raisins, some muesli, even makhanas, and other munchies. Couple them together, and mix mix mix! What is amazing about this is that you don’t even have to worry about taking out another box, or carry bag - HALO airtight pack is sufficient, and there you go, your child is ready to conquer the world with the perfect energy balance to take over all those tuitions and extra-curricular classes and activities! 
  • Oatmeal mix: Take a bowl of milk (if your child is lactose intolerant, try almond milk), mix up some oatmeal, and then the 9 3/4th platform to Hogwarts is your HALO pack which will be the condiment to your child’s school time snacking needs! 
  • HALO Pack: The 25g pack is so filling because it is packed with the goodness of so much more fruit than one can actually carry in regular conditions: thus, added nutrients, energy, taste (and of course, they can share it around in their classes, and have the time of their lives)! 
  • Smoothie bowl: Make some fruit smoothies, add some nuts, muesli, some corn flakes, and the HALO Snacks freeze dried fruits as condiments and you’re good to go for a wholesome snack to last the evening!
The point being, HALO Snacks is absolutely wonderful and perfect when it comes to school-time snacks. It is hassle-free, doesn’t involve any mess, allows you some extra hours of sleep, and lhealthy-school-time-snacks-for-childrenots and lots of health and taste benefits to your child: it is essentially the shield to your child’s Captain America! Thus, don’t wait for long, because it won’t perish if you buy it today (Buy it today!)