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Healthy Snack Alternatives for Junk Food

Your answer to healthy eating is with HALO freeze dried fruit snacks. We give you the best of both worlds: Health and taste, with our line of crunchy and nutritious snacks made from fresh fruit. Our idea is simple: Snacking needn’t be accompanied by guilt. Rejoice and celebrate every day with snacks from HALO.

With carefully curated fruits from select farms across the country, we create fruit snacks by freeze drying them. The specially selected fruits now go through a high-tech process where they are frozen in low temperatures. Now, the water content inside gets converted to ice and further, through sublimation, vapourised (directly, from solid to vapour), leaving behind bite-sized crunchy fruit snacks.

Take your pick: Buy HALO freeze dried strawberry, banana, mango, golden apple or buy HALO freeze dried pineapple and papaya. Your favourite fruits are now crunchy snacks!

Alternatives to junk food: 

The best part about HALO freeze dried fruit snacks is their versatility. You can eat them straight out of the packet or mix them into a variety of snacks and boost your daily fruit servings. 

  • Cereal: Eat breakfast like a king, right? Start the day off right with some HALO-topped cereal. This is a yummy combination and adds the right touch of sweet-sour nature to your otherwise normal meal. This snack is a great topping for virtually anything, starting from smoothies to fruit salads.
  • Trail-mix: This is the perfect way to veer away from junk food. Having a zip lock packet of trail mix on you will keep you full, and satiated (crunch-wise) and give you the right energy boost to keep going with your day. The best part about a trail mix is it is customisable to your liking. It is just a combination of all your favourite nuts, dried fruits, freeze dried fruits, seeds and seasoning. You can add salt, pepper and even chaat masala to amp up the taste, while the various crunchiness and sweet-nutty-sour notes will be guaranteed winners.
  • Desserts: Treating yourself? Put freeze dried fruits into your ice cream, or add it to your cupcake/cake/pie batter to get a unique taste and textural layer to your desserts! The possibilities are endless.
  • Homemade snacks: If you like making homemade fitness-based snacks, this one is right up your alley. Add freeze dried fruit snacks to your protein bar or laddoo recipe to take it up a notch. You can use other nuts and jaggery or palm sugar as a sweetener and tie them together with some melted dark chocolate. This bar will be rich in good carbohydrates, iron, vitamins and minerals needed to boost your metabolism, immunity and more.

Why is HALO the answer to healthy snacking? 

  • 1. Snacking minus the guilt: Does snacking make you feel like you’ve taken two steps back from your fitness? You do not want snacks that make you feel bloated and guilty. Now, you can enjoy snacks without all that guilt! While you’re eating crunchy snacks by HALO, what you’re eating is actually a fruit that is packed with nutrition. It doesn’t steer you off course from healthy eating. Moreover, just because these snacks are crunchy, doesn’t mean they’re fried! Not baked or fried. Just freeze dried. It is also 100% natural and free of added sugar or preservatives. What you see is what it is. HALO redefines snacking!
  • 2. On-the-go snacking: HALO comes in 25-40gm packets and can easily be packed in with your office, school or trip bag. It leaves behind no trace, unlike other snacks that have grease and oil as solid evidence of your snacking. You can eat them anytime, anywhere. 
  • 3. Airtight storage: Freeze dried fruits have no water. This means that you needn’t worry about fruit rot. These snacks last for months together with the right storage. Eliminate all the air from the packet and tightly reseal it with the ziplock. It is also recommended to store them in airtight containers to keep the moisture out and make them last longer. 
  • 4. Filling snack: The most obvious reason for eating too much junk food is the fact that it fills you up temporarily. It makes you crave more. These snacks, however, keep you full and healthy for longer, cutting down overeating between meals. This is because one 25 gram packet of freeze dried strawberries actually contains 250 grams worth of fresh fruit! Similarly, all the packets of fruits have a lot of their fresh fruit counterparts. So you are consuming more than you think. Nutritional and filling snacks are now available at your doorstep with just a click!
  • 5. It’s all in the crunch: There are several alternatives to junk food including fresh fruit itself, but the craving for something crunchy ultimately leads everyone towards a packet of biscuits or chips. But if the healthy snack also gives you the same experience without the negative side effects? That’s what HALO is here to do.

  • Buy HALO freeze dried strawberry, mango, papaya, pineapple, golden apple or banana and see the change for yourself! It is a perfect snack for all occasions. You will surely thank us later.