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Healthy Snacking Ideas to Lose Weight

When you’re on a weight-loss journey, your workout routine becomes all-important. Every day’s schedule is meticulously planned out and you make sure to get up on the first ring of your alarm, put on your gym shoes and head out to smash your day’s goals. But there’s one thing most people tend to forget when it comes to weight loss. It is not just slogging away at the gym every day, but a healthy mix of exercise, eating habits and your lifestyle. Making updates and changes to all three is what will help you comprehensively get stronger, and fitter and also lose weight.

Keeping away from snacks can be the hardest thing you’ll have to do during this weight loss journey. It’s usually baked or fried, with lots of sugar, making it a strict no. But that doesn’t stop the cravings! So, if you’re looking for healthy snacking ideas that help you keep the weight off, don’t worry. You’ve come to the right place. 

Is HALO a healthy snack?

Right off the bat, we’re here to tell you that we produce snacks with the aim of making them fun and tasty, while not compromising on the health factor. So, the answer is, yes, HALO is a healthy snack and so much more.

  • We take fresh fruit from select farms across the country and send them over to our manufacturing unit. We work with delicious, high-quality strawberries, mangoes, pineapples, papayas, bananas and golden apples!
  • These select fruits are then put through a highly researched process called lyophilisation. To put it simply, the fruits are frozen at extremely low temperatures and the water inside the fruit is turned into ice. Then, the principles of sublimation are used to convert the solidified water directly into vapours.
  • This leaves behind pieces of fruit that are light, airy and crunchy!
  • We then pack your favourite fruit snacks in airtight ziplock packets of attractive colours and that’s how they reach your doorstep, ready to be enjoyed.

The best part about HALO is it is not baked or fried, already making it a lot healthier than other crunchy snacks out there. Moreover, it is just fresh fruit with the water content removed. Most of the nutrition remains intact and eating just a handful of these snacks is filling you with the goodness of vitamins, minerals, iron and other essential nutrients you need to go about your day. Our process is simple, straightforward and transparent, so you can see that there is no oil, sugar or preservatives added to the snacks. What you see is what you get. 

When it comes to healthy snacking, things get boring pretty quickly. This is because the craving for something crunchy always supersedes a snack situation. So, freeze dried fruit snacks are the perfect crunch fix for when you are craving chips or biscuits. You can eat it straight out of the ziplock packaging, or try something new with it. Want some ideas? Read on!

Healthy snacking ideas with HALO:

  • Breakfast: It’s a universally accepted fact that everyone should eat breakfast like a king. It is the first meal after a long night of fasting and it has to be filled with the right nutrients and be filling too. With hectic schedules, everyone’s go-to is usually cereal. But eating just cereal might not be enough to sustain you for the rest of your morning. Our suggestion? Spruce it up with your favourite freeze dried fruits. You could also add in some chopped fresh fruit, nuts and dried fruits to make it even more wholesome! This packs your cereal with as much nutritional value as possible while adding a nice hint of sweet-sourness and a new layer of crunch!
  • Additional breakfast recommendations: Use HALO freeze dried fruits as toppings for breakfast smoothies, fruit juices or even eat it straight out of the pack! Our freeze dried papaya goes great with breakfast options. 

  • Mealtime: Lunch or dinner, no meal is complete without some curd or a cup of flavoured yoghurt. Our recommendation is to top off your favourite yoghurt cup with some HALO freeze dried fruit snacks. It adds a nice taste, crunch and a dose of energy for you to conquer your day. It can also be a great addition to your fruit salad cup or that small ice cream you treat yourself to after a long day’s work.
  • Snacks: While HALO can be had straight out of the packet, it can go into some really fun healthy snacks as well. Homemade protein bars (With dates, dry fruits and freeze dried fruits all held together with some melted dark chocolate), trail mix (With your choice of nuts, seeds, dry fruits and freeze dried fruits along with seasoning), and so many more options can be explored. 

    Eat healthy, without letting go of your crunch and taste craving, only with HALO. What are you waiting for? Buy freeze dried papaya, strawberry, mango or any of your favourite packs online with just a few clicks!