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Healthy snacks for teens you must keep at home

Are you a parent who is constantly looking for ways to make snacking healthy at home? With ever-changing tastes and preferences, and knowing how easily kids at home get bored of snacking, we understand how difficult it can be to get that seal of approval. On top of that, it is doubly a challenge to find something that is not just tasty but also healthy. If you agree, then we have something to make your days a bit easier. Presenting, HALO freeze dried fruit snacks.

The best evening snacks for your teens

Before we tell you why these are the best healthy snacks for your teens, here’s a quick introduction to what HALO stands for. HALO strives to be a household name whenever healthy snacking is mentioned. This is why, we work with the best farms and the best equipment to give you snacks that are healthy, tasty and make you want more. We source fruits from select farms across the country and convert them into snacks using high-tech equipment. With a process called lyophilisation, we freeze the water at extremely low temperatures. The frozen water is then directly converted into vapour using the sublimation process. So the frozen particles do not get converted into liquid and then gas, but directly vaporise. The result? Pieces of fruit that are crispy and airy! HALO freeze dried fruit snacks are available on Amazon and CRED. You can choose from a variety of options like HALO freeze dried papaya & pineapple, pineapple, strawberry, freeze dried banana and strawberry, golden apple and mango.

Make it fun for the teens!

What teenagers usually look for in a snack is taste and that crunch element. What parents usually look for in a snack is the health content, because it’s important to eat nutritious food growing up, right? So, let’s put both together and make this a win-win situation for both you and your kids. 1.

No bake, no fry, simple goodness:

HALO freeze dried fruit snacks achieve the almost impossible: You can now get a crunchy snack without baking or frying them. With freeze drying, you can achieve a resounding crunch without involving oil. When it comes to healthy eating, teenagers tend to get bored with the snack options because they do not satisfy the crunch element as chips or biscuits do. The crunch is what they crave. But that comes with maida and oil and a bunch of other ingredients that might not be the best answer in the long run. So, the crunchy fruit pieces make it easy for them to go back for seconds (and thirds!) 2.

No-added sugar:

The best part about HALO is that the energy boost you get is from the natural fructose in the fruit snacks. There is sustained energy from the snack instead of a sudden boost in energy and a sudden consecutive fall which we are well aware of from snacks with artificial sweeteners. These snacks also don’t have any added preservatives in them. What you see is simply, what you get. Fruit pieces without the water content in them. But you can enjoy the sweet-sour notes of fruit as a part of your snacking routine. 3.

Easy to carry, easy to share:

Tired after studying, playing and doing a long list of activities at school? HALO to the rescue. These fruit snacks come in lightweight packets of just 30-40 grams, so you can sneak them into your kids’ lunch box or bag for a quick snack during break time. They are easy to carry and consume, at any time and anywhere. So not just at school, if your kids have friends coming over or they simply want a snack after a long day, this is it! Once you’re done eating, you can store the rest in the packet itself, because they come with a ziplock! 4.

Easy for teens with dietary restrictions:

Teens these days might have dietary restrictions in terms of gluten or dairy. They might also have dietary preferences by choice, like wanting to go vegan or being more mindful of their diet. This snack can be enjoyed by everyone, because they are simply just fruit, with no added or hidden ingredients in them. Young or old alike, you will love these snacks!

Make your daily meals more fun:

While we recommend these snacks to be had straight out of the packet, it is also super fun to include them in your meals to consciously eat healthier. You can add HALO snacks to a wide variety of meals to make them more appealing to your teens. - Breakfast cereal can be spruced up with some HALO. The similar texture will ensure they blend right in, but the taste will give you a sweet surprise. - Smoothies, fruit juices and more can be topped up with HALO for a change in texture and just a fun explosion of taste. - If you indulge in some yoghurt after lunch, try it with HALO. It just fits! - Making healthy snacks like trail mixes, millet laddoos and more has become the norm of late. Try adding HALO to these and see the difference! - If your family time includes baking, you can try adding these freeze dried fruit snacks in your pies, cookies and more. Or simply add it to ice cream for a sweet but healthy end to your meal. Have we convinced you yet? Order HALO freeze dried snacks now!