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Healthy snacks to have on hand while travelling

What pops into your mind when the word “travelling” is uttered? New cultures, new people, exciting experiences, Instagram-worthy stories and food, lots and lots of food. Be it authentic Italian pizza, bánh mi from a streetside hawker in Vietnam or an airy croissant - many of our travel experiences are shaped by the food we consume.

The same applies to the kind of snacks we carry while travelling. Anything heavy on oils, sugars and fatty content can result in bloating, gas, stomach pain… sometimes acne as well. And we don’t want acne while travelling, do we? The solution is rather simple - carrying healthy snacks that keep you energized while travelling.

 There are several benefits of snacking healthy when on the go:

  • You avoid filling up on junk and delaying mealtime
  • Healthy snacks keep you energized while you explore one place to another
  • The necessary nutrient levels are kept up
  • It gives your hardworking stomach some relief after all the rich meals you consume

And yes, while the term “healthy snacks” doesn’t sound glamorous, there are a variety of options on the market that satisfy the health freak and the snacker in you. One such option is HALO freeze dried fruit snacks.

 What are HALO freeze dried fruit snacks? 

The name explains it all, literally. With HALO you get fruits that have been freeze dried into snacks. This is done through an advanced process known as lyophilisation - the removal of water. The water in the procured fruits is frozen at an extremely low temperature, after which the frozen water is vaporized instantly. The result? An airy, crunchy piece of fruit that has retained most of its vitamins and minerals.

What makes HALO fruit snacks healthy?

For starters, HALO fruit snacks are neither baked nor fried. This means that the nutritional value of the fruits has not been compromised. Freeze drying the fruit increases its nutritional value.

For example, if apples are your go-to fruit and you opt for the HALO golden apple bite-sized fruit snack, you will be consuming the goodness of two golden apples. Talk about a two-for-one deal!

 Other factors that make HALO fruit snacks healthy are:

  • It contains zero added sugars - the sweetness (or sourness) you taste comes naturally from the fruit pieces.
  • There are no added oils or preservatives in the fruit snacks.
  • The fruit snacks are vegan and gluten-free
  • It’s very energizing - a 30g packet of freeze dried banana and strawberry contains fresh equivalent of around 100g of strawberries along with an equivalent of 1.5 bananas .

But what about the taste and crunch?  

Are snacks really snacks if you cannot crunch and munch on them? HALO fruit snacks have you covered. The lyophilisation process leaves them airy and crunchy, so your crunch factor has been taken care of. As for the taste, fruits of all kinds have unique and wonderful flavours. HALO fruit snacks come in an array of fruit variants so that you can have your pick of the lot. Be it freeze dried strawberries, pineapples, mangoes, or even creative combinations of papaya and pineapple - there are a lot of options for your tastebuds.

 Will these be suitable for light travellers? 

Of course! The fruit snacks come in a lightweight ziplock package that can be easily stored and sealed after consumption. The package itself weighs between 25-40g, ideal for light travellers. Be it your suitcase or a handbag, the package will find a way to comfortably fit in with the rest of your items. Another perk of HALO fruit snacks is that there is no possibility of leakage, spillage and crumbs after snacking.

What if I want to jazz it up? 

By all means, please do! HALO fruit snacks can be consumed straight from the pack or with other food items. Here are a few suggestions to jazz up your health HALO fruit snacks:

  • Dairy lovers can add different variants of HALO fruit snacks to their cereal, yoghurt, and low-calorie ice-creams. You can have your salt bae moment while sprinkling the fruit snacks into your dairy product!
  • You can grab some homemade trail mix for your travels. We have a super-easy, no efforts required recipe. Simply mix your favourite nuts, dry fruits, seeds and some HALO fruit snacks along with a dash of seasoning - try pairing salt with chaat masala! Go creative, go wild, there is no limit to your healthy combinations!

 Where can I find these fruit snacks?  

Good call! There are multiple avenues from which you can find HALO fruit snacks. You can order them from Amazon, CRED or the website itself! They will be swiftly delivered to you before you jet set to your travel destination. Otherwise, you can also find fruit snacks in a grocery store - keep your eyes peeled for the healthy foods section!

Bon voyage and happy healthy snacking!