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How do freeze dried papaya and pineapple snack benefit you?

To be able to just sit down, slice up your favourite fruits and munch away is a great feeling! Fortunate are those who can afford it. While we all want to stay healthy, we are also desperately trying to keep up with the increased pace of life nowadays.   

While it’s important to meet your deadlines and attend those urgent meetings, it’s more important to stay healthy! So how does one keep up with work and maintain their health? One answer: freeze dried fruit snacks!

That’s right, these snacks help you get the necessary nutrients on-the-go. Highly nutritious fruits like papaya and pineapple take some time and effort to be ready in a consumable form. Hence, with freeze dried papaya and pineapple snacks, you don’t need to worry about losing time on preparing these fruits, as they are always ready to consume and you get the nutrition of two fruits! 

With a few freeze dried papaya and pineapple snacks in hand, you can be sure to eat healthy, anytime! Buy freeze dried papaya and pineapple snacks from HALO and much away on vegan-friendly healthy snacks.

How are they different from dried fruits?

Although many sometimes confuse the two, they are actually very different, especially in terms of the nutrition provided by each. 

In the case of dried papaya and pineapple or even other dried fruit snacks, the original fruit is dehydrated in such a manner that it loses moisture content. While this is fine, the problem is the nutritional value it loses out on too through this. This causes the final product to be less nutritious and it doesn’t retain the original flavours well. So finally they have added sugar contents in them to make it sweeter which results in more calories and taste. Even though it’s a convenient snack, dried fruit snacks wouldn’t be the healthiest choice.

With freeze dried papaya and pineapple snacks, you get a lot of the nutritional richness you’d otherwise only get from the actual fruit itself. How?

The freeze drying process

The fresh fruit is completely frozen and then put under a low-pressure vacuum. Through the process of sublimation, the moisture content of the fruit that is crystallized at this point is directly turned into water vapour. This way, in the end, we’re left with the fruit in its purest form with almost all of its nutrients. 

Thanks to the final output of this process, freeze dried snacks are able to retain the fruit’s flavours and require no additional sweetening. With no added calories and a lot of nutrients, freeze dried papaya and pineapple snacks are a great healthy nutritive fruit snack to have!

Health benefits of freeze dried papaya and pineapple snacks

Freeze dried fruit snacks are able to retain a huge amount of the original fresh fruit’s nutritional value. This means that snacking away on freeze dried papaya and pineapple snacks can give most of the nutrients you would otherwise get from the fruit itself. Let’s see how we benefit from each of the fruits:

Papaya’s nutritional benefits

A tropical fruit that’s rich in many nutrients, especially healthy antioxidants. The antioxidant your body receives from papayas can help battle free radicals that lead to oxidative stress which can result in other diseases. The antioxidants also help reduce inflammation to an extent. 

Certain organic compounds found in papayas are known to help reduce the risk of various cancers. The fruit’s organic compounds and Vitamin C can help boost the health of our heart. The papain enzyme in papaya also helps improve our digestion. A well-known benefit of papaya is its effect on our skin. The fruit’s nutrients have a very healthy effect on our skin. 

Another super healthy tropical fruit that has large amounts of antioxidants and helps fight inflammations and various diseases. Despite the low-calorie content, pineapples are very rich in calcium C and manganese. 

The fruit’s vitamin C content can help increase our body’s immunity. The antioxidants in the fruit help combat oxidative stress and have healthy digestive enzymes that aid better digestion. Certain nutrients of pineapples can help reduce the symptoms of arthritis. Thanks to the anti-inflammatory properties, it helps with recovery from surgery or exercise. 

Healthy living with freeze dried fruits!

As you can see, these fruits provide us with many essential nutrients that help maintain a healthy body. Having more fruits as a part of your diet is a lot easier with HALO’s freeze dried fruit mix snacks. Get all the healthy nutrients you need with freeze dried papaya and pineapple snacks, at your convenience!