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How healthy is Freeze Dried Papaya & Pineapple?

Studies suggest that an average individual is supposed to consume about 3.5 servings of fruits and vegetables in a day out of which 1.5 servings are set aside for fruits and the remaining for vegetables. This is required to maintain overall physical health and keep your bones, muscles and all your internal organs healthy and thriving. But studies also suggest that due to lifestyle issues, lack of availability, poor quality of food available and general lack of liking towards these healthy foods, under-nourishment is prevalent because barely anyone actually consumes the required amount. This is where the fresh and genius idea of freeze-dried fruits comes into play.

Freeze dried fruits are all about the farm to fork approach, but with a slight detour in between. The hand-picked fruits from across the country undergo a process called lyophilisation. This is where the water content inside the fruit is frozen and then immediately vapourised via sublimation- the process of converting solid directly into gas. So, the end product you’re left with is dried fruit that are crunchy and airy. 

Now, this is where the common misconception comes in. It is commonly believed that along with the water, all the nutrition is also removed from the fruit. This is not true. The best part about freeze dried fruit is that you get to enjoy a true snack (in terms of the crunch) that is packed with good health, all because it is just fruit that has been freeze dried. After the water is removed, only the nutrition remains tightly packed inside the fruit pieces, making them all healthier. So, you get to enjoy the perfect blend of taste and health, with the cherry on the cake being how much it resembles a regular crunchy snack. So, you want to know how healthy they are? Just as much as regular fruit!

Why you should buy freeze dried papaya and pineapple

HALO is a brand of freeze-dried fruit snacks that strives to give you your new favourite snack. We are a 100% natural, vegan and gluten-free brand with snacks that are not baked or fried, just freeze dried. Our range of freeze-dried fruits include strawberries, pineapple and papaya, strawberry and banana, mango and golden apple. If you’re looking for freeze dried papaya chunks or pineapple chunks, we’re here to tell you that you can get both in one packet. It is the ultimate sweet and sour combo!

Freeze dried papaya chunks are rich in energy-boosting calories and carbohydrates, dietary fiber, good fats and proteins. They are also rich in Vitamin A and antioxidants, making them great for eye health. The amount of fibre in them is also known to aid digestion and Vitamins C and E help in maintaining skin health. They are also known for flushing the toxins out of your body and are recommended to diabetes patients due to their natural sweetness. This way, the craving for artificial sweeteners reduces, thereby keeping their diabetes levels in check.

Buy freeze dried pineapple because they’re known to have several health benefits. Packed with the goodness of Vitamin C, dietary fibre, protein, carbs and Vitamin B6, this will make a comprehensive addition to your diet. The antioxidants present in it helps boost your immunity and keep diseases at bay and the fruit is also known for its contribution to digestive health. They improve your overall body health and keep you fresh and active.

Buy freeze dried papaya and pineapple from HALO for a wholesome addition to your day. It will seamlessly become a part of your daily food intake and you will find yourself enjoying the refreshing crunch, flavour and texture of the bite-sized fruit pieces.

Why HALO is the best option for a healthy snack fix

  1. There are no added preservatives or sugar in these snacks. The taste of each bite is unique because it is all-natural, with just the water content removed.
  2. The natural sweetness and the crunch reduce your craving for an oily snack like chips or sweet treats. These snacks keep your unhealthy cravings at bay.
  3. Oily snacks fill up your stomach for the time being and make you hungry more often, leading you to binge on them more. But these snacks are made up of real fruit, so you will feel full and reduce your untimely food intake throughout the day, especially in between meals.
  4. These snacks are great to experiment with. You can add them to your cereals, smoothies and even top your yoghurt or ice cream off with them. You can make protein bars and homemade protein laddoos too, the possibilities are endless. If that’s not your forte, you can simply enjoy them straight out of the packet.
  5. Because the microbial reactions have been cut due to the absence of water, these fruits don’t rot. They last longer than fresh fruit, for months together. So you can enjoy seasonal fruits in snack form all through the year.
  6. The lightweight snack comes in attractive zip-lock packaging. So you can carry them and munch on them anywhere when you feel a bit hungry or fatigued and store the rest for later. Your quick health boost is ready!

Buy HALO freeze dried papaya and pineapple today and see the difference in your diet and health. They are healthy, tasty and crunchy– all set to be your new favourite snack!