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How much equivalent of fresh fruit is in each HALO packet?

Freeze dried fruits are one of the most versatile, convenient and underrated nutritional products available in the Indian market. General awareness of freeze dried fruit is that it may not have as much nutritional value as fresh fruit and has sometimes been regarded to have artificial preservatives or added sugar. 

However this is not true and in order to understand what goes behind freeze drying fruits, we have to first understand the process. What’s actually true about freeze drying is the fact that it is the closest dried fruit form you can have to fresh fruit in terms of structure, colour and even nutritional value. It is almost as nutritious as the fruit that was put into the freeze drying process.

The freeze drying process involves picking the best and most high-quality fruit produce of the harvest. These fruits are extremely fresh and are the most nutritious in their true form. These fruits are then subjected to a process called sublimation, which transfers the water content in the fruits from solid to a gas state through water vapour. This leaves only the fresh fruit locked in with its nutrients completely freeze dried, now with a much longer shelf life. Freeze dried fruits when stored under the right conditions can actually last indefinitely.

The really good news about freeze dried products from HALO is the fact that they are completely free of harmful artificial preservatives and added sugar. HALO handpicks the best fruits available in the country from selected plantations, and immediately locks in its nutrition by freeze drying, so you can be sure that you’re having the most quality and healthy fruits in the country in a freeze dried packet. Freeze dried fruits are also structurally very similar to fresh fruits, so they lock in the delicious aromas and taste of the fresh fruit.

Apart from the process, there are several benefits of having freeze dried fruits over fresh fruit -

  • Convenience - Due to their longer shelf life, compact size and durable packaging, it’s much easier to store them, unlike fresh fruits which won’t last more than a week. Like fresh fruits, one doesn’t need to worry about leakage and mess if not handled properly.
  • Availability - You can now have the power to enjoy the best of fruits from the previous season at your own time and place in the months when it’s not available thanks to freeze dried fruits.
  • Versatility - Due to their structure and size, freeze dried fruits become great kitchen applications as they can be cut into different sizes and shapes, be ground into fine powder to subtly flavour recipes and can also be used as whole pieces of fruit in delicious kitchen recipes.
  • Portability - Due to their compact size and quality packaging, they can be transported as a quality fruity snack for drives, picnics and even to the office. You can access fresh fruit in freeze dried form wherever you go! Fresh fruit on the other hand requires much more space and could create a mess if it leaks or gets spoiled, as it can't be kept for extended periods of time, unlike Freeze dried fruit.
  • Shelf life - There’s no going away from the most beneficial feature of freeze dried fruits, shelf life. It is primarily also the fact that freeze dried fruit can last even decades or longer when stored under the right conditions,

Since freeze dried fruits offer so many benefits and features that come through it’s a unique process, it’s only fair that freeze dried fruits are very much worth the premium you pay for them. You also get the best of fresh fruit through one packet of HALO freeze dried fruit and you can have it guilt-free without worrying about health factors or the nutritional value as explained above. HALO snacks provide a vast range of freeze dried fruits and are hands down the best freeze dried fruit seller in the Indian market. They have a range of variants such as Strawberry, Mango, Mixed Fruit, Pineapple to name a few, so that there can be a healthy and fruity snack for every occasion, and for everyone’s taste buds.

So for instance, in a 30 grams packet of freeze dried pineapple from HALO, you get the goodness of over half a Pineapple, through your one bite-sized packet of HALO freeze dried Pineapple. 

You get the amazing burst of vitamin C requirements, antioxidants and minerals for strong immunity in just a 30 grams packet of freeze dried mangoes, as it has the goodness of over 2 mangoes, both Kesar and Dasheri. The same goes for strawberries as you get the nutrients, flavour and vitamins from 250 grams of fresh strawberries in just one packet of HALO’s freeze dried fruits. 2 golden apples go into the making of one packet of freeze dried golden apple snacks while 100 grams of strawberry and 1.5 bananas go into the making of HALO freeze dried strawberry and banana snack. What’s more, get the goodness of the entire papaya and quarter a pineapple in a 30-40 gram packet of HALO freeze dried papaya and pineapple snack.

So enjoy healthy and happy snacking with HALO! Order now!