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How to Stay Healthy While Working from Home

Working from home is the new norm. Moving from bed to desk to bed again is the new routine. Sounds familiar? Maybe it’s time to change things up a bit.

Things aren’t like how they used to be. Working from home has continued for most people, leaving the old routine completely out of the picture. The travel, the constant moving around, eating the right food at the right time, stepping out of your workspace for a walk or a chat, none of that is available right now. From virtual meetings to walking around in the house, things changed very quickly. This means that when it comes to fitness, stamina and energy to sustain throughout the day, things might be different too. With one too many snacks break available to take from the comfort of our homes, eating healthy or eating right might quickly slip away from our hands. This is where smart snacking is extremely important.

Did someone say smart snacking? That’s our cue! Presenting to you– HALO freeze dried fruit snacks.

What’s HALO? 

HALO is a brand of freeze dried fruit snacks that you can replace your traditional snacks with, to stay healthy while working from home. 

We make HALO with advanced technology, the freshest fruits and a whole lot of love and attention. Fruits are picked from select farms across the country and sent over to us. With the use of high-tech equipment, we use a technique called freeze drying to make these snacks.

Freeze drying uses the process of lyophilisation to first deep freeze the water content inside the fruit. Then, using the principles of sublimation, the frozen water is directly converted into vapours, leaving behind crisp fruit pieces!

These bite-sized snacks are then sealed in an attractive ziplock packet and that’s how it reaches your doorstep for you to enjoy.

HALO freeze dried fruit snacks are available in different varieties like freeze dried strawberry, freeze dried mango slices, papaya, pineapple, banana and golden apple. Pick your favourite and place an order today!

Eat Healthy from Home:

Now, how is this possible with HALO? 

  1. Easy to store: The most exciting part about HALO is that it can be stored for months together. Yes, fruits that don’t rot do exist! This is because the water content from the fruit has been removed, thereby cutting off the microbial reactions causing fruit rot. So, you can now store it and eat it for a long time. Buy them in bulk and store them in your desk and where you usually work so that your hand instantly goes to a healthy snack instead of junk.
  2. No oil, no problems: The worst part about junk food is the amount of oil it contains. Combine that with the fact that people don’t move around as often as they used to back in their workspaces, this might pose a serious health risk. But HALO is a no-bake, no-fry yet crunchy snack. This means that you get your crunch craving fixed, without the additional problems!
  3. A filling snack: HALO is also a filling snack that you can have straight out of the pack. Only the water content has been removed, but the nutrition still stays in the fruit. This means, in one 25 gm packet of freeze dried strawberries, you actually get 250 gm equivalent of the fresh fruit! Similarly, in one 30 gm packet of freeze dried mango slices, you actually get 2 full mangoes! So you’re eating a lot more fruit than you think, making this a filling snack. You won’t crave other snacks if you’re already full.
  4. Spruce up your daily meals: Cereal for breakfast, yoghurt after lunch, protein bars for snacks, ice cream for dessert? All these options will become so much better with a sprinkle of HALO snacks on top. Get an added crunch, a different tangy flavour and the goodness of vitamins, minerals and an energy boost, all at once!
  5. Just plain and simple fruits: With other snacks, you have to worry about the sugar content, the preservatives and the chemicals. Not only is HALO oil-free, it is also free from preservatives and sugar. It is plain and simple fruit that has been freeze dried. So, you’re eating healthy without giving up on the taste!

Working from home is the future and it’s time to adapt and move forward with it. And what better way to do it than with fun and healthy snacks?