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Is eating freeze dried pineapple fruit healthy?

Over time, everyone’s schedules have gotten busier and it has become difficult to maintain a healthy routine. For people with such hectic schedules, freeze dried fruit snacks are the ultimate solution to being able to keep up with your healthy routine while not compromising on convenience or delicious flavours! This way, you can snack healthy while keeping up with work and other commitments.

Having a regular and proper portion of fruits is essential to keep up with our nutrition requirements. Fruits are a naturally delicious source of various vitamins and necessary nutrients. With the rise of freeze dried fruit snacks, people have been able to make sure they received all the necessary nutritious intake while not having to stress about taking extra effort to ensure the same. Now you can snack on-the-go, anytime you want with freeze dried fruit snacks.

One such fruit that is important for meeting nutritional needs is Pineapple. High levels of Vitamin C and Manganese can be obtained from including pineapples in our diet. Pineapples tend to require some time and effort to make it ready-to-eat, this may not always be practical considering the busy lives we live. This is where freeze dried pineapple snacks come in handy! While preserving everything you need from the fresh fruit itself, it’s a convenient way to make sure you don’t miss out on the necessary pineapple nutrition.

Difference between dried and freeze dried pineapple snacks

There’s a lot of difference when it comes to dried pineapple snacks and freeze dried pineapple snacks. What’s the difference? 

When fruits are prepared into dried-fruit snacks, they lose almost all their moisture content along with much of its nutritional value. This also decreases the taste of the final dried pineapple snack, hence why they generally include high amounts of artificial sweeteners to make them more flavourful. This, obviously, is a convenient option but not a healthy one. 

Whereas freeze dried pineapple snacks are the right blend of convenience and nutrition! These pineapple healthy snacks also lose almost all its moisture but retain almost all of its nutritional value. With an extended shelf-life, these convenient and fruity bites of nutrition retain the goodness of their original fruit to be able to enjoy them as and when you wish to.

So in comparison, the healthier option is to buy freeze dried pineapple snacks!

How freeze dried pineapples stay nutritious

At HALO, we are working with farmers to grow and then select the best raw produce. They are transported to us with utmost care. Once they reach our facility, the process begins with removing all impurities, washing, cutting and removing water using freeze drying/lyophilization. Freeze drying is the dehydration by sublimation of a frozen product. With the absence of water, the microbiological reactions stop and more goodness can be packed, transported to you at ambient temperature. 

Leaving the fruit in its purest form while preserving its original nutritional value. Through this process, the freeze dried pineapple snacks don’t require any additional sweetening but also maintains all that necessary pineapple nutrition from the fresh fruit!

So is it healthy to consume freeze dried pineapple snacks? Absolutely! You can always buy freeze dried pineapple snacks with HALO. All their freeze dried fruit snacks are vegan friendly and made with zero-added chemicals.

Nutritional advantages of freeze dried pineapple snack

The fruit’s known to be a great source of Vitamin C which is important for our growth and development. It plays an important role in strengthening our immune system. It even helps improve the absorption of iron from our daily diet. 

Freeze dried pineapple snacks also provide Manganese in high amounts. This is a natural mineral that helps our growth, maintain and develop a healthy metabolism and even has certain antioxidant properties. 

Pineapple nutrition also contains Vitamin A and K, phosphorus, zinc and calcium in smaller amounts. All of which are important nutrients for our body. 

The antioxidants provided by pineapples have a positive long term health effect. It helps deal with oxidative stress which leads to inflammations, weakened immune systems and other diseases. The fruit also provides our body with healthy digestive enzymes. This can be especially helpful to individuals with pancreatic insufficiency. 

Pineapples can play a role in helping reduce the risk of cancer. The nutrients contained in the fruit help battle certain conditions in the body that lead to cancer. 

You can enjoy all these benefits of the fresh fruit without having to worry about preparing it. Buy freeze dried pineapple online with HALO and enjoy the goodness of pineapples with every bite. With its convenient and compact packaging, you can be sure to snack healthy wherever you go!

Dried pineapple snacks aren’t the best option when it comes to maintaining a deliciously healthy diet while reducing calorie-intake. But calories aren’t even a concern with freeze dried pineapple snacks! With no extra-sweetening, you can relish the flavours of the fresh pineapple fruit with every HALO packet. Now you never have to compromise on taste or nutrition.

Delicious healthy munching

To be able to keep up with our constantly increasing pace of life, it is important to be as healthy as possible. Though it seems like that is a difficult goal to achieve, it’s no more true!

With a healthy little packet of freeze dried pineapple or other freeze dried fruit snacks, you make sure you don’t cut back on healthy eating while keeping up with life. Freeze dried fruits can be a part of all sorts of dishes to give that little extra-crunchy nutrition. Whether it’s in a salad or in a yoghurt mix or even a roast, freeze dried pineapple snacks can accompany a lot of your meals!

So get a packet of HALO’s freeze dried pineapple snacks and make them a part of your new snacking routine to make sure you stay healthy on-the-go!