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Keep Healthy Snacks At Your Workstation

Work from office became work from home, the hustle and bustle of travelling soon became walking from your bed to your workstation and lunch and tea breaks with colleagues became video calls and meetings. Things have changed, but they’re also going back to how they were before. Amidst the quiet chaos of work-life, it’s super important to make sure you’re healthy and fit as a fiddle to check off those never-ending work lists! This is where we want to be your silent companion with some healthy snacks by HALO.

Work, especially a desk job, requires you to keep the idea machine running, answer phone calls and sometimes even burn the midnight oil. So, it’s unsurprising when hunger pangs hit you in between meals! This is when we end up looking for some quick snacks to fill our stomachs and end by binge eating chips or biscuits. Push them aside and welcome healthy snacks replacement with HALO.

HALO is a brand of freeze dried fruit snacks, available in pineapple, strawberry, mango, papaya, banana and golden apple variants. By picking the freshest and most high-quality fruits from select farms in India, HALO transforms the snack scene. The water content in the fruits is removed through a process called lyophilisation This is done with advanced technology and equipment to give you light, bite-sized, snacks!

What stands out with these healthy snacks? 

  1. All-natural: HALO is 100% natural and has no added sugar or preservatives. What you see is what it is- just fruit, without most of the water content. It is suitable for people of all ages and dietary preferences.
  2. Not baked or fried: The ultimate selling point that we have for these snacks is that they are not baked or fried, but still, manage to be tasty and more importantly, CRUNCHY! So you will fulfil your snack craving while also not indulging in junk food.
  3. Taste and health combined: The delicious sweet-sour-tangy taste of fresh fruit with a surprising crunch gives you a great snack. Only the mositure content is removed and the nutrition remains intact. So you get a snack packed with vitamins, minerals, potassium, good carbs and tonnes of energy!

Pack your workstation with some colourful and healthy snacks!

Maybe you’re a fan of freeze-dried pineapple (no sugar added, of course) or you like the berries family and want some freeze-dried strawberry while you type away on your laptop, checking off those tasks. We say, go for it! 

  • At the start of every day, when you pack lunch and snacks to take to your office, or just plan your work from home day, you don’t have to worry about what to eat or how to pack them. When it comes to your snack, you can just carry HALO freeze dried fruit snacks. For starters, they’re extremely lightweight but packed with nutrition. Available in 25-30gm packets, you can throw in to your work bag and you won’t even know they’re there. 
  • This gives us the perfect segway into our next selling point. You might be wondering, just 25-30 grams? How is that enough for me to snack on? Our answer is this: one packet of freeze-dried fruits actually has a lot of fresh fruit in it! For example, a 25-gram packet of freeze-dried strawberry has 250 grams of fresh fruit in it! And every 30-gram packet of freeze-dried mangoes actually contains two whole mangoes. So you’re getting a lot of fresh fruit packed in a 30 gram packet. Super filling, super tasty.
  • Nobody likes their laptop keys getting greasy, dirty or smudged with snack residue. While we can’t help it, it ends up happening anyway. But, with HALO, you can assure that there is no oil or residue because one- the snack has no oil in it and it does not leave behind any crumbs. It will be like you were never there!
  • We’re working hard, we get busy and we forget to clean up our workstation by the end of the day. That’s okay too! You don’t have to do a lot to store your freeze-dried snacks and forgetting won’t make it go bad either. One, freeze dried fruit snacks last a really long time and two, HALO comes in resealable ziplock packets. So, all you have to do is lock it! You can come back to your workstation later.

HALO freeze dried fruit snacks are all set to be your work buddy. We check all your boxes: we’re healthy, tasty and crunchy too! Check out HALO’s website to buy your favourite fruits, now freeze dried. Enjoy them anytime, anywhere and also add them to your cereals, smoothies, yoghurt, ice-cream- the possibilities are truly endless. Keep your brain active, razor-sharp and focused with healthy snacks and power through the week like the boss you are.