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Make Your Workspace More Productive with Tasty Bites from HALO Snacks

It’s time to slowly start going back to work at your own desk, with your co-workers at last! Getting dressed up and travelling to work, attending meetings in-person, sitting at your desk and getting stuff done from your checklist are all bound to make you very hungry, we bet. Now, before your brain wanders off to innumerable options, let us offer you a wonderful, tasty yet absolutely healthy alternative: HALO freeze dried fruit snacks.

What’s HALO? 

Let’s take a small detour to understand what HALO freeze dried fruit snacks are essentially before we tell you how they would make the perfect snack for a productive work day.

HALO is a brand that works to bring you fruits in the most fun form: snacks! We source the freshest, highest-quality fruits from around the country and process them with a technique called lyophilisation. Through it, we freeze the water content in the fruit and then convert the frozen water directly into vapours without making it pass the liquid stage (sublimation). The final product left is crunchy pieces of fruit.

HALO is available in different variants like freeze dried mango slices, freeze dried strawberry chips, freeze dried papaya chunks, pineapple, golden apple and banana. Take your pick and buy now.

HALO: The perfect desk companion

1. Easy snack to cure your hunger pangs: Imagine you’re working really hard, calls, meetings, and deadlines. At this point, you really might not have the time to step out and grab something that fills your stomach. But store a packet of HALO freeze dried strawberry snacks (or any fruit variant you like) in your desk drawer and eat to your tummy’s fill. They are actually very filling snacks because they contain the contents of a lot of fruit (just with the water removed!) For example, a 30gm packet of freeze dried mango slices actually has the contents of two full fresh mangoes! So, say goodbye to hunger pangs.

    2. No more sugar crashes: Eating snacks high in sugar to give you that instant boost of energy at work might have been the norm, but the instant sugar rush crashes just as instantly, making you feel more tired than you were before. But with the natural sweetness and tanginess of fruit in our freeze dried variants as well as no added sugar or preservatives, you can now enjoy a naturally sweet snack without worrying about its ill effects on our health.
    3. Healthify your snack routine: If you love a good crunchy snack like chips, biscuits or pastries, you’re probably ingesting a lot of oil. Combined with a desk job, this might not be the most helpful solution. But what if we told you that you could get a tasty snack without compromising on the health factor and more importantly, the satisfying crunch? HALO snacks are not baked or fried, so there’s no oil in them! Munch away to glory without any hassles.
    4. Lightweight companion: Going for a meeting outside work? No problem, you don’t have to stop for a snack break along the way. These lightweight snacks are easy to carry on the go and can be had anytime anywhere. Double your productivity with healthy and tasty fruit treats!
    5. Leave no mess behind: Other snacks will leave behind an oily or crumbly residue but HALO? Not at all! There is no oil in these snacks so you don’t have to worry about getting the residue all over your workspace. Enjoy your snack while you complete all your tasks!

    Apart from this, it is a great snack to share with co-workers and desk mates. The packets are small, lightweight and easy to eat from and pass around, with a helpful ziplock option to store for later. If you carry lunch to work, you can pack a cup of flavoured yoghurt and top it off with some freeze dried fruits to make it a fun little after-meal dessert! You can also add it to any of your homemade snacks to make your office snack time more fun and your work more productive. Healthy snack options like protein bars, protein shakes, trail mixes and more can be made at home with all the nuts, seeds, freeze dried fruits and dried fruits of your choice! There are many possibilities for you to explore.

    Lastly, when your brain is well-nourished, productivity automatically improves. HALO comes with no water and most of the nutrition of its fresh fruit counterparts intact. So, you’re eating a balanced snack filled with iron, vitamins, minerals and other trace elements that are required for a sustained energy boost. So, you can get more work done in no time!

    Buy HALO freeze dried fruit snacks on our website, on Amazon or on Cred. You get a wide variety of fruits to choose from and even fruit combinations like freeze dried papaya with pineapple and freeze dried strawberry with banana. Take your pick to make every work day fun!