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Now Enjoy the Goodness of Mango in Winter Too

We’re on the last legs of the cold winter months and looking forward to the summers because that means: Summer holidays, more playtime for the kids and most importantly, the comeback of the tropical king! We’re sure that ever since you were a child, your favourite part about summers must have been the ultimate summer treat, the mangoes. Rich in flavour, juicy and absolutely delicious, the fruit takes you back to simpler times. Every year, you might secretly be waiting for the summer months to enjoy your favourite fruit. But what if we tell you that you don’t have to wait all year long to enjoy mangoes? Introducing freeze dried mango slices by HALO.


What’s HALO?

To put it simply, HALO is a brand of freeze-dried fruits. We pick fresh fruits from select farms across the country and process them through advanced technology to get you your favourite packet of snacks! 

What happens during this process? We use a technique called lyophilisation wherein, the fruits are completely frozen in extremely low temperatures. Then, with the principles of sublimation where solid turns directly into vapour, we remove the frozen water content in the fruit by converting it into vapour, leaving behind fruit pieces that are light and crunchy. This is what our freeze dried mango slices are made of! 


What makes it available all year round?

So now that your attention has been caught by the fact that you can have mangoes in the winter months too, let’s see how that works!


Fresh fruits usually last for a week or two with refrigeration and start losing their external sheen and colour before that. They might also vary in taste if they’re left in the fridge for too long. This is because the water content in the fruit is constantly reacting with microbes around it, causing decay and rot. This means, the fresher the fruit is, the healthier and tastier it is. 


But with freeze dried fruits, there is no water. This means that the microbial reactions have been cut off, making it last way longer than fresh fruit. If stored properly, these fruit snacks can last up to a whole year! So, in summer, winter, autumn or spring, you can eat your favourite freeze dried mango slices whenever you like!


Note: HALO freeze dried fruits come in zip lock packets, meaning you can store them easily. While we are pretty sure you will finish up the snack in one sitting, storage sustains the quality and the crunch of the snack. Make sure to push the air out of the packet before you tighten the zip lock. Furthermore, storing these snacks in an airtight container makes them retain their crunch. This is to preserve these snacks in the original condition as they are hygroscopic in nature and quickly react with the moisture in the air to soften. 


If you want to buy freeze dried mango, click here.

We also have other fruit variants such as pineapple, papaya, strawberry, banana and golden apple. Strawberry & banana and pineapple & papaya come in combo packs for double the delight!


What’s extra special about HALO freeze dried fruit snacks?

1. Have them anytime, anywhere:

If you’re looking for a snack that you can carry with you anytime and eat anywhere, this is the perfect one for you. Lightweight, easy to carry and with the added advantage of zip locking the packet if you’re done eating, you can just carry it in your lunchbox or backpack to munch on anywhere. You also won’t be leaving behind any greasy residue or crumbs! Picnics, work or school lunches, travel snack, you can trust it to be your steady companion.

2. A great alternative to regular snacks: 

Regular snacks are either baked or fried and use lots of oil, maida and more ingredients that might not be exactly healthy. But this snack is neither baked or fried, it is freeze dried. More than that, there are no added preservatives or sugar in this, making it just fruit pieces that are crunchy. Moreover, only the water gets removed from the fruit while most nutrients are retained. So, replacing regular snacks with this will make it an extremely healthy alternative.

3. Spruce up your meals: 

The best thing about HALO is that it can be combined with other meals and snacks to make them healthier and more fun. You can use it as a topping on your cereal, your fruit salads or your fruit smoothies. If you make your own snacks at home like biscuits, cakes, trail mixes or healthy laddoos, you can add it to those too! It will give a really interesting crunch and texture to your food and make it healthier.

4. Quantity: 

Every individual is supposed to consume 2-3 portions of fruit every day for a fit lifestyle. With HALO, you can now easily get your fill, because in just a 25-30gm packet, you actually get a lot of fresh fruit! For example, in a 30gm packet of freeze-dried mango, you actually get two full mangoes! So, you’re eating a lot of healthy food without even realising it.


HALO brings to you your childhood, but slightly differently. It is exciting, new and unique in its taste, textures and crunch, making it the ultimate snack that you can have at home, school, work or just anywhere. Bond over the taste of something new with friends and loved ones today!