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Nutritional Values of Freeze Dried Golden Apple

What’s ripe, sweet to taste and extremely delicious? You would’ve surely gotten many fruits in your mind when you read that description, but there’s one that stands out. That is the delicious golden apple. The golden apple is not one of the most popular fruits, especially compared to its name counterpart apple, but it has its own benefits and advantages that you can try for yourself and see.


Golden apple turns from green to yellow as it ripens, earning the “golden” prefix. It is used in a wide variety of baked dishes and is also enjoyed as it is, for its unique pineapple-like flavour. More than anything, it is also extremely nutritious, making it the best of both worlds.


Golden apple: Nutritional value

Golden apples are high on the nutritional spectrum, most notable for their low cholesterol content. This means that people looking to opt for a low-cal diet (Calorie deficit programs, fitness routines, etc.), can look to include golden apple in their diet. 


If you’re looking for golden apples to snack on, look no further than HALO! We give you fruits, but freeze dried! Buy freeze dried golden apple now and try it for yourself.

HALO also comes in other fruit variants: Pineapple, papaya, mango, strawberry and banana. So, if you’re looking for a healthy snack, check it out!


Health advantages and uses of golden apple: 

  • Aids in digestion: Golden apple is rich in fibre. Fibre is an extremely important component that ensures easy and smooth digestion. So, by consuming a golden apple, you can ensure that your bowel health is in great shape and no stomach problems occur.
  • Maintains your weight: Since this fruit contains only trace elements of fat and is very low on cholesterol, it helps you with weight loss or weight maintenance. Including it in your diet also acts as a good way to get your daily servings of fruit in, while being an extremely fun and tasty fruit.
  • Improves immunity: Golden apple is rich in Vitamin C, an exceptional nutrient known for improving overall health by boosting immunity. Your body’s ability to fight against diseases and heal improves with a good dose of Vitamin C in your diet. Apart from this, Vitamin C also
    1. Enhances skin health by keeping it fresh and healthy.
    2. Improves eye health and makes for strong eyesight.
  • Quick energy boost: Golden apples are also rich in potassium and carbohydrates, which is known to give you energy. So, if you are feeling tired or a little sluggish, eat some freeze-dried golden apple and feel the energy come back to you!

    Get your hands-on HALO freeze dried golden apple and enjoy the taste as well as the health aspects of it. Read on to know more about freeze drying and the process of making your favourite golden apple into a fun snack!


    HALO picks golden apples from select farms across the country to bring you the snack of your dreams. These fruits are then processed using the technique of lyophilisation and the principles of sublimation. How? The fruit and its water content are frozen under extremely low temperatures. Then, the frozen water is converted directly into vapour, making it light and crunchy!


    Is it healthy? 

    Contrary to popular misconceptions, freeze dried fruit snacks are healthy, especially compared to other snacks you might consume on a regular basis. Only the water content is removed while most of the nutrients stay back in the fruit. So, not only are you getting a healthy snack, but it is also crunchy, like a regular packet of chips!

    • Freeze dried fruits are also not baked or fried. So, there is no oil content in it, making it a very healthy snack.
    • Freeze dried fruits do not have any added preservatives or sugar. They are each unique tasting, depending on the type of fruit used. One bite will be enough to convince you of this!

    In a nutshell, golden apples are extremely nutritious and their freeze dried counterparts are nutritious while also being a fun snack. 


    Other factors to look out for:

    • They are extremely lightweight, so you can carry the packet around anywhere and snack anytime. Keep it in your backpack, store it on your work desk, take it for a picnic, the possibilities are endless!
    • The HALO packets come with a ziplock feature to ensure proper storage. Since these fruits are hygroscopic, they might soften once they come in contact with the moisture content in the air around them. So, after you’re doing snacking, remember to take the air out and seal the ziplock to keep the rest crunchy. Store it in an airtight container if needed.
    • They last longer than fresh fruits. So, while golden apples may be seasonal, freeze dried golden apples are available all through the year for you to enjoy. This is because of the lack of water content in it that causes the fruit to rot. 


    HALO makes unique and not so easily available fruits like golden apples accessible. Buy freeze dried golden apple today!