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Our 3 favourite things about the new Golden Apple variant

Delicious Golden Apples are now part of the freeze dried fruits range with HALO snacks. Freeze dried golden apple is now available in packs of 30 grams of HALO’s freeze dried fruit range. You can get the amazing nutrient benefits of two whole apples in just one delicious and versatile packet of HALO. 

Apples are one of the most iconic, healthy and delicious fruits known across the world. They are characterised by their sweet-sour taste and airy, juicy texture. The riper an apple is, the sweeter it tends to be. Apples have a great subtle flavour that forms the base for many delicious recipes. 

The great thing about golden apples is that they are the sweetest, most exquisite and distinct of all apple varieties around the world. This is imminent through the golden apple’s alternate name ‘Golden Delicious’. While apples may seem like any other fruit, due to their qualities, there are a lot of ways apples can be consumed around the world. Apple pie is a very well known recipe, and apples are known to make great flavouring contributors to smoothies, tarts and other fruity recipes.

We all know that freeze dried golden apples tend to have a more concentrated taste due to removal of water, compact size and longer shelf life when compared to fresh apples. These are factors that add to the convenience and versatility of freeze dried golden apples.

While fresh apples tend to last around 2 weeks on their own, freeze dried golden apples are even capable of lasting for an indefinite period if conditions are right. Not to mention, they are much more compact than fresh apples, which tend to be much larger in size due to all the water content they are carrying. 

Freeze dried apples also make great kitchen accessories as they can be easily moulded, cut and used in recipes with a lot more convenience and less of a mess when compared to fresh golden apples that have a lot of water content and can create a mess in the kitchen. Freeze dried apples are also structurally much more similar to fresh golden apples when compared to conventional dried golden apples as they lock in the colour, flavour and nutrition of the fresh fruit much better than dried golden apples.

Seeing the practicality and amazing qualities of freeze dried golden apples, here are our 3 favourite things about freeze dried golden apples.

  • Power packed nutrition - We all know how nutritious and tasty apples can be. No wonder we have the quote ‘An apple a day keeps the doctor away’. The same goes with HALO’s freeze dried golden apples. Freeze dried golden apples are indeed power packed with optimal nutrition to start your day as a small pack of HALO’s freeze dried golden apples contains the nutrition of over 2 Golden apples! Apples are rich in dietary fibre and have probiotic properties. Despite having such a sweet and juicy flavour, apples are actually good for overall body health. They are also super rich in antioxidants and help in maintaining the body’s immunity and helps to make your body more resistant. And they also make great partners to your weight loss journey as the fibre makes you feel full faster and apples are very low in calories.

  • Convenience with a dash of health - Unlike many forms of junk and processed food that we consume in today’s world, HALO’s freeze dried golden apples provide the nutrition of fresh golden apples in a compact portable packet with a very long shelf life. They are free from sugar and added harmful preservatives that can pose a health risk. Freeze dried golden apples also don't create a mess like fresh apples, whose juices can spill while carrying. They have a shelf life of fewer than two weeks and take much more space when you’re getting the same amount of nutrition.
    1. Availability - The beautiful fact about HALO’s freeze dried golden apples is the fact that they are available all year round, that’s right, not just for three or four months during the year like fresh golden apples. HALO sources the best quality golden apples from selected plantations from Kinnaur, Himachal Pradesh during the peak of the harvest season. The delicious golden apples are then freeze dried to ensure you get the most nutritious and quality golden apples in a packet all year round. So, you can enjoy the best of the season’s golden apple harvest even when it’s not in season!

    So, go relish the exquisite Golden apple variant all year round with HALO snacks and savour the nutrition and sweetness of bite-sized fruit treats. Order now!