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Recipes you can top off with freeze dried mangoes

Mangoes make clear winners when it comes to sweetness and flavour, and are an extremely popular and versatile choice for being a delicious ingredient in various recipes. Apart from being a tasty extravaganza, they are also a powerhouse of various nutritional benefits and minerals. Mangoes are extremely rich in Vitamin C, antioxidants and minerals, which makes them a great viable option for strengthened immunity, clearer skin and hair.

While Mango is the king of fruits, it can pose a challenge since it’s only available in the summer months in India. To solve this and enjoy the best quality mangoes all year round without worrying about seasonal availability and spoiling, thanks to the versatility provided by freeze dried mangoes. Freeze dried mangoes are the new trends to go for, and for good reason. Due to the process involved in freeze drying, Mangoes lose most of their water content through sublimation; they are structurally not affected by the process. Freeze dried mangoes, like other freeze dried fruits, can last indefinitely in the right conditions.

They can also prove to be a very useful and convenient option in order to add a tangy nutritious bite to your breakfast with a crunch.  While you may feel both the variants of the fruit may have changed their characteristics, under the surface they are very similar. Freeze dried mangoes can give a unique texture and application to their dishes and can be substituted for Mango in many instances as well. 

To beat the summer heat and get the best fruit, here are some refreshing ways to use freeze dried mango for delicious recipes -

  1. Fruit yoghurt - Who doesn’t love the soothing and refreshing taste of healthy yoghurt for that healthy gut snack? Yoghurts are the perfect way to beat the heat in the summer and paired with a lovely sweet fruit as Mango gives it an extra boost of Vitamins and nutrients for both your immunity and stomach. Blend freeze dried mangoes into your sweet thick yoghurt for hitting those subtle fruit hints. They can also be added to your choice of cereal to enjoy a nutritious snack. To enjoy chunky pieces of Mango, a variation is possible where you can top off the classic yoghurt with whole pieces of freeze dried Mango for added crunch.
  1. Pulpy Milkshakes - To make a nutritious, refreshing and filling drink, try making the essential Mango milkshakes for the summer. Freeze dried mangoes with milk give the perfect sweet tangy flavour and Vitamin C. You need to chug a milkshake guilt-free. What makes freeze dried mango especially handy for milkshakes is the fact that freeze dried mangoes are available year-round while you can only enjoy fresh mangoes during the summer. Garnish your milkshake with pieces of freeze dried mango as well to provide a variety of textures in your palette.
  1. Mango Cheesecake - With the compactness, portability and long shelf life of freeze dried fruits, you can now enjoy a rich, intense dessert with the fruit of your choice all year round. With freeze dried mangoes in your kitchen wardrobe, you don’t have to worry about keeping stacks of fresh mango at home, when you can just make a sweet glaze of freeze dried mangoes to make a delightful dessert such as cheesecake to please anyone’s taste buds and sweet cravings.
  1. Mango Salsa - You can now get the tanginess and burst of flavour from your favorite mangoes all year round thanks to freeze dried mangoes. For this nutritional accompaniment and salad recipe, add sliced capsicum and onion to freeze dried mangoes. Season this beautiful Mexican recipe with some lemon juice, pepper, chilli powder, cumin powder and some salt and you’re all set to enjoy a burst of savoury health and flavour. What’s more, it has the added crunch that can spice up your meal!

Mango, despite being such a sweet fruit when ripe, can be applied to a variety of recipes due to its versatility and characteristics. There are plenty more ways you can use freeze dried mangoes and incorporate them into your recipes. When purchasing freeze dried mangoes, there is no better brand to think of other than HALO freeze dried snacks. HALO procures the best quality mangoes from selected farms across the country and locks in the freshness of the fruit immediately after harvest, so you can savour the best of handpicked healthy and tasty fruit treats. Enjoy the Mango season and stay healthy with HALO freeze dried mangoes.