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Refreshing Snacks For Summer Days

Summers are for relaxing, spending time with friends and family, and trying new recipes to keep the heat away! If you love trying new summer snacks, and you want to experiment with something tasty and fresh, this blog is for you. It’s also the season for tropical fruits, so you can also indulge in some sweet-tangy, healthy goodness. Who said tasty couldn’t be healthy?

Our recommendation for your summer snacking: HALO freeze dried fruit snacks. Buy HALO freeze dried mango, strawberry & banana, strawberry, golden apple, pineapple & papaya or the pineapple variant on our website!

Why is HALO great for summer snacking?

For summers, you want something light, refreshing yet fun– and that’s why HALO freeze dried mango or any other fruit variant is a perfect choice. It is airy, crunchy and filled with the nutrition and taste you want to keep your summer activities going. Not only that, but it is also made without any added oil, sugar or preservatives.

We use advanced technology to freeze the water content in the fruit and then directly convert it into vapour. This means that you get the crunchiness of snacks without any oil. Moreover, the process ends here. We do not add any sugar or preservatives to these snacks. What you see is what you get. Healthy, tasty and crunchy snacks packed with love and care right to your doorstep!

HALO freeze dried snacks give you the perfect summer fruit options like pineapple, mango and papaya. But what’s more, you can also enjoy fruits that are not in the season like strawberries because these snacks last for a long time.

Make sure to keep the ziplock in the packets sealed tight to avoid softening of the snacks. Store in an airtight container too for it to last longer and be crunchy at all times!

Refreshing summer snack ideas:

The best part about HALO freeze dried fruits is that they go very well with other snacks. Summer is the time for trying your own recipes that are cooling and fresh. Here are a bunch of recommendations from us to you, all with healthy ingredients and the perfect cherry on top: HALO!

Nice Cream

You’ve heard of ice cream, but what about nice cream? It is the easier, healthier version of ice cream but somehow just as tasty. All you need is frozen fruit (we recommend mangoes) and milk. You can even use plant-based milk alternatives. To make it more fun, you will need nuts and freeze dried fruits!

Blend frozen fruits with a couple of dashes of milk. The milk shouldn’t overly liquidate the frozen fruit, but just be enough to blend everything together. Transfer to a tray and top off with your favourite nuts and freeze dried fruits. Freeze further for a more frosty, ice cream effect. Serve fresh! You can whip this up very quickly whenever you or your kids want a fun snack for the hot weather. 


Smoothies not only act as a great refreshment during summer evenings, they are also great as a meal option when you’re in a hurry. Blend your favourite fruits with some water/ice and some milk. Top them off with freeze dried fruits for a nice added texture to your drink. You can also carry these smoothies on the go and have them at any time. 

Frozen yoghurt snack

A fun snack to try making with your kids or even for yourself, a frozen yoghurt bark is very simple to whip up on a hot summer day. We recommend flavoured yoghurt for the best taste!

Spread chilled yoghurt in a tray lined with butter paper. Once it has been smoothed over, you can customise it with fruits, nuts, seeds and freeze dried fruits of your choice! Our recommendation is a combination of different berries (strawberries, blueberries, blackberries and raspberries), topped off with freeze dried strawberries and pineapple. We also recommend walnuts and sunflower seeds for those who have more of a savoury palate.

Freeze this for a good three hours. Then break it up into pieces and it is ready to serve! It is fresh, light and cooling and works well with kids and adults alike.

Chia Seed Pudding

Chia seed pudding is the perfect breakfast option but works perfectly even if you’re craving a sweet evening snack. Soaking chia seeds make them extremely hydrated and dense, making for a filling meal. Combine chia seeds with milk (plant-based milk also works), honey, a little bit of vanilla extract and a dash of cinnamon. Stir together and cover with a cling foil before refrigerating it (overnight is recommended). Wake up to a great snack! We might sound partial, but it honestly tastes the best topped with some freeze dried golden apple, strawberry and pineapple. Give it a try!

The possibilities are endless with HALO and summer snacks. Popsicles, sweet desserts and so many more snacks go perfectly hand in hand with freeze dried fruits. Give it a try for a fun and healthy summer!