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Secrets to Make Your Child Eat Healthy Food

One of the most mammoth tasks as a parent is to get your children to eat healthy food. It requires every trick in the book to sneak something healthy into their meals and get them energised and ready to seize the day. The fuss and mess probably take up most of their mornings while they get ready for school and this story spans every household. But, if there’s a way to make them eat healthy food and absolutely love it, we are sure all moms and dads would instantly choose that! We’re here with just the solution you need. 

The way to your child’s heart is through their stomach

With HALO freeze dried fruit snacks, capture your child’s heart and taste buds instantly! It has the holy trinity of snack features: Taste, crunch and health. Here’s how it’s possible.

We source fresh fruits like strawberries, bananas, pineapples, papayas, mangoes and golden apples from farms across the country and get them sent over to our processing unit. Here, using highly-advanced technology and a process called lyophilisation, we freeze the water in the fruit at extremely low temperatures. Then, this frozen water is converted directly into gas, without going through the liquid stage. So, all that remains are airy, crispy bits of fruit!

You can buy freeze dried golden apple, strawberries, pineapple, mango, pineapple & papaya or strawberry & banana on the HALO website, on Amazon or on Cred. It is all just a click away!

 Why will your kids love HALO?

To put it simply, these are crunchy, tasty snacks. What’s not to love? 

  1. The variety: HALO provides six different fruit snacks, some even as a combination of fruits. There is always something new and exciting to look forward to and countless combinations you can try with it!
  2. Tasty snacks: These snacks are naturally sweet-tangy in taste. They make you go back for more!
  3. Crunch: They have the added crunch you can find in all fried snacks, so this is an extra win for your kids! Everyone loves a crunchy snack, kids included, so this will make them want to eat more HALO freeze dried fruit snacks.

Why will parents love HALO?

HALO is the best snack for your kids. Here’s why:

  1. No oil: There’s no oil in these snacks because they’re not baked or fried. They are freeze dried by just removing the water from the fruit. So, you get the crunch, guilt-free!
  2. Preservative-free: HALO is transparent in its process. What you see is what you get. The snack has no added sugar or preservatives and is completely safe for kids to eat, while also being extremely fun.
  3. Mess-free: These snacks have no oily or grimy residue that they leave behind. So, there’s no need for parents to worry about the mess and the cleaning up after the snack is done. It’s almost ninja-like!

Secrets to make your child eat healthy food:

The secret to making your child eat healthy is to also make it tasty. This makes them get used to the taste and they keep going back for more. Now, we don’t have to compromise on health to get a good taste, and with HALO freeze dried pineapple (no sugar added!) or any other variant, you can achieve just that.

Your children will love to eat these straight out of the packet as a back-from-school snack, or even carry it to school in their lunchbox. Now, if you want to get creative and pack as much nutrition into their meals as possible, you can also add these fruit snacks to their other meals.

Cereal or toast for breakfast? A topping of HALO freeze dried fruits will make it slightly tangier, crunchier and all the more interesting. You can even top off your morning smoothie or whip it into your child’s morning milk. 

For lunch, if you pack fruit or vegetable salads for your child, top it off with HALO. You can also add it to their after-lunch flavoured yoghurt for an added crunch and taste.

If your child loves something sweet after a meal, you could make a protein bar or trail mix at home. By putting your child’s favourite dried fruits, nuts and freeze dried fruits together with jaggery or dates (for the stickiness), and coating it in some melted chocolate, you will get a wholesome sweet snack for your child. Trail mix, on the other hand, just requires you to toss up your child’s favourite nuts, seeds, and dried fruits and freeze dried fruits with some salt and chaat masala for a nice filling snack that is also healthy.

There are so many different ways to make your child eat healthy food, but the best way is to let them know that health does not have to mean there is no taste. With HALO, introduce your child to the concept of healthy and tasty, and there will be no looking back after that! Buy freeze dried golden apple or any of your favourite variants and enjoy mealtime with your child.