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Smart Snacking for Teenagers

During the high-school years, teenagers have the tumultuous task of managing studies, extracurricular activities and their dreams for the future. Amidst this packed schedule, they also manage to make friendships and memories that last a lifetime. One element that is common for all these teenagers is their need to try some new and interesting food that not only keeps them active enough to continue on with their tasks but also interests and excites them. After all, snacking brings them all together!


This is why smart snacking is important. Parents have to make sure that teenagers eat something solid that gives them the energy to conquer their day. This is where HALO freeze dried fruit snacks come into the picture!


Is HALO the solution to smart snacking for teenagers? 

HALO is a type of snack made from fresh fruit that undergoes a high-technology process. What happens to the fruit?


Freeze dried fruits are all about the farm to fork approach, but with one additional process in between. The hand-picked fruits from across the country undergo a process called lyophilisation. This is where the water content inside the fruit is frozen under extremely low temperatures. Then, the solid water is converted into vapours via sublimation- the process of converting solid directly into gas. So, the end product you’re left with is pieces of fruit that are crunchy and airy. 

It is commonly believed that along with the water, all the nutrition is also removed from the fruit. This is not true. The best part about freeze dried fruit is that you get to enjoy a true snack (in terms of the crunch) that is packed with good health, all because it is just fruit that has been freeze dried. After the water is removed, the nutrition remains tightly packed inside the fruit pieces, making them all healthier. So, you get to enjoy the perfect blend of taste and health, with the cherry on the cake being how much it resembles a regular crunchy snack. This makes it the perfect snack for teenagers.

HALO is available in many fruit variants. Buy freeze dried strawberry, banana, golden apple, mango, papaya or buy freeze dried pineapple now from our website! A couple of clicks is all it takes to get it to your doorstep. 

Here’s why teenagers will love HALO

  1. 100% good taste: When it comes to high school kids, there is always the need for something new and exciting. HALO is sure to tick both those boxes! Its unique sweet and tangy flavour associated solely with fresh fruit comes paired with a surprising crunch, making for the most exciting snack they would’ve had so far!
  2. A much-needed brain boost: Teenagers are known to have school and studies, after-school sports or other activities and then a lot more studying for tests and exams. This means that they need a lot of energy to keep going and do their best across the board. These freeze dried fruits are packed with vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates and other nutrients that give them the energy they need.
  3. On-the-go snacking: On the way to school? Hurrying for their tuition classes? Just done with sports practice? Whatever the situation, HALO is right there with you. These snacks are extremely lightweight and can be carried with you anytime, anywhere. They are made for tight schedules and can be had as you travel too. They do not leave behind any oily residue or crumbs, making them the most discrete and perfect snack for your everyday.
  4. Parents love it too: This snack is 100% parent-approved. This is because they don’t have to worry about their teenagers consuming unwanted sugar or preservatives! HALO is free from any additives and is not baked or fried. It is the healthiest snack option out there that is also tasty enough to interest teenagers. Parents love to buy freeze dried strawberries and other fruit snacks! What is your pick?
  5. All meals are winners: These snacks can be had standalone, straight out of the packet, or they can be incorporated into all your meals. They are the perfect toppings for morning cereal, smoothies, yoghurt and even ice cream. You can also experiment with them in your homemade healthy snacks like laddoos and granola bars too. There are many ways for you to incorporate them into your meals for the extra health boost.

Along with these, there are other reasons too, why HALO is a smart snack for teenagers. It is a matter of utmost convenience for parents, who are also on the move regularly. It is an easy snack to slip into their lunch boxes. They come with ziplock packaging, so they can be stored easily and subtly, wherever they are taken. Moreover, it is easy to buy and store in bulk and used throughout the school year, because these snacks have a long shelf life. The water content in fresh fruit is what actually causes the fruit to rot, but with the water absent, there is no way the fruit can rot now. So, all you are left with is fruit goodness all year round!

Buy freeze dried pineapple or any of our other wide range of fruit snacks now and make sure your teenagers snack the smart way with HALO.