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The healthiest and tastiest snacks to satisfy your appetite.

Is your life an eternal quest for finding the right snack? Does it satisfy the taste buds? Is it filling? What about variety? The questions are endless. If you are a snack enthusiast, then there is no way you won’t know what’s the best snack in town. But the question is: Does your favourite snack satisfy both the health as well as the taste aspect? On top of it all, is it enough to satisfy your appetite? Okay, we’ll stop with the questions, because we have the answer. Your new favourite snack is here! Presenting HALO freeze dried fruit snacks.

 The best healthy Indian snacks! 

If you ask us what constitutes a healthy snack, we have to say it is one that is:

  • Low in sugar
  • Low in calories or bad fat
  • Is packed with nutrients

HALO freeze dried fruit snacks are all this and more! We source fresh fruits from all over the country and process them with our advanced technology and a process called lyophilisation, which borrows from the principles of sublimation. The water content in these fruits is frozen at extremely low temperatures to start with, after which the water is converted directly into a gas (sublimation). This leaves behind airy pieces of fruit that take on a crunchy texture and retain most of their nutrients. The end result is basically a chip-like snack but in fruit form! Talk about an interesting way to snack.

 Healthy evening snacks to satisfy your appetite

Eating junk food can lead to a vicious cycle of overeating. This is because they are packed with either too much salt or too much sugar. This makes you crave more of the same thing. Moreover, fried and baked goods are known to give you a sudden surge of energy but it isn’t sustainable. The energy levels drop as fast as they rise, making you hungry more quickly. To avoid all this, opting for a healthier snack like fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts, dried fruits and freeze dried fruits is the way to go.

 HALO fits just this category. Here’s why!

  • Natural taste: The natural fructose in the fruit makes every bite of HALO freeze dried fruits unique. This is because everything you taste is nothing but the natural taste of fruit! There is no added sugar or any other preservatives to enhance the taste. It is as natural as it comes. The energy this snack gives you will hence be more sustainable than junk food with artificial sweeteners. It will help you get through the day hassle-free!
  • Oil-free snack: Snacks that are baked or fried can make you feel unusually full, or in actuality, bloated. It doesn’t mean you’re full, you just feel full. HALO is made without added oil, so it’s not baked or fried. This means you get to enjoy a snack without feeling bloated or the spikes in energy levels.
  • Appetite check: The thing with snacking is that it is quick and accessible. If you combine the aspect of feeling full with this, you have the perfect solution for those hunger pangs you have in between meals. This is where HALO stands out. While each of our snack packets is only between 25-40 grams, the secret lies in the actual quantity of fruit that goes into making these snacks. For example, one 25 gram of freeze dried strawberries actually has about 250 grams of the actual fruit that went into making the snacks. One 30gm packet of freeze dried golden apple actually has the goodness of two full golden apples. So you’re eating the fruit quota for your day with just one packet! This will keep your appetite in check while giving you an immense nutrition boost among so many other things. Convinced yet?

Adding HALO to your everyday diet routine

The best part about HALO is how easy it is to incorporate it into your daily routine. For starters, it is easy to carry with you wherever you go because it’s super lightweight. Moreover, it is also mess-free and you can eat it without leaving an oily, grimy trace behind. HALO is basically a travel, office and lunch box essential if you ask us!

What’s more, you can add them to various other existing recipes in your recipe book and they will fit right in like the missing piece of the puzzle. If you’re a cereal for breakfast person, try adding HALO to the mix and see the difference for yourself! Yoghurt, ice cream or any other sweet dairy treat is also the perfect canvas to experiment with HALO snacks. If you want to take the healthier route, you can make protein bars, whole grain laddoos or even a simple but effective trail mix with it!

Buy your favourite fruit, now freeze dried, on Amazon or CRED. Happy snacking is guaranteed! Thank us later.