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The Perfect Choice for a Fruity Freeze Dried Christmas


Christmas is all about the joy of coming together and celebrating family, cherishing the good experiences and exchanging small tokens of love with each other. It is enjoying the cosy weather with good food, laughter and great memories! Everyone has a different and unique way of celebrating this day. For some, it might be all about the delicious food and for others, the best part might be to engage in a game of Secret Santa. But whatever you might be doing on this holiday, let’s add a fun twist to it with HALO Snacks.

Try something new

This holiday season, add something new to the day with HALO freeze dried fruit snacks, and who knows? It might be just what you were on the lookout for! Packed with the natural goodness of all the fruity nutrients, HALO Snacks are 100% vegan and can be had on-the-go. What’s more, they offer a longer shelf life than regular fruit so you can store them and eat to your heart’s content. Try something different by adding HALO freeze dried fruits to your Christmas breakfast, or maybe even to the tasty meals you whip up for your celebration. Since these fruits are freeze dried, they do not have added preservatives or added sugar. It’s just a pure and natural fruity experience to make your Christmas perfect!

What’s HALO?

HALO offers fruits that are freeze dried, to eliminate the water content and retain all the nutrients. As compared to other dried fruits, freeze dried fruits rehydrate faster, thereby making sure that the taste is locked in and offering you an experience like no other. Available in five different flavours- Strawberry, Mango, Pineapple, Papaya & Pineapple and Banana & Strawberry, you have a wide variety to choose from, depending on what you and your family like. Since they are available in bite-sized portions, consumption in one-go tends to be higher, thereby ensuring a higher nutrition intake in a single sitting. What’s more, you can have your favourite fruits, no matter its seasonality, during your favourite holiday season! It offers the feeling of eating real fruit while providing the aspect of snacking, making it perfect to be consumed guilt-free on Christmas, with your close friends and family!

The Christmas element

Christmas is all about celebrating traditions and sometimes, creating new ones. This Christmas, add HALO Snacks to your day and start a new tradition!

How can Halo be a part of the celebration?

Morning snack:

May it be adding it to your breakfast cereal, topping on your fruit smoothie or just plain snacking, HALO Snacks could be the perfect start to your day, giving you the right nutritious yet tasty boost to be on your toes for a wonderful celebration!


With beautiful pastel packaging filled with the goodness of fruits inside while still offering the fun snacking element, a HALO gift basket makes for a great Christmas present to your friends or family. It is guilt-free snacking that is absolutely healthy- making it irresistible!

Christmas feast:

What’s Christmas without some cake, pie or ice cream? Delectable desserts are an integral part of the celebrations. With HALO, you can add a new element of surprise, taste and health in it! Serve Halo Snacks as toppings on your ice cream, add them to your pie or cake and experiment with all your dishes for the perfect freeze dried Christmas. It is the season for love, warmth and care and to come together and acknowledge the importance of family and friendship. Celebrate it with a touch of taste, nutrition and a whole lot of goodness. Explore different flavours to make this holiday like no other, because, ‘tis the season to be jolly with HALO!