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What are the benefits of healthy snacking for kids?

For most parents, the worry about making sure their kids eat healthily is very real. Kids are usually fussy eaters and prefer tasty snacks that are usually not too high on the nutrition scale. If you are scrolling through the internet to see if there are any new ideas for healthy snacking that your kid will continue to love for a long time, you’ve come to the right place.

Kids usually love crunchy snacks they can eat straight out of the packet and share with their friends at school. The tastier and crunchier it is, the more they keep going back to it. So, ensuring the nutrition is right in these circumstances is important. Enter HALO freeze dried fruit snacks.

Snacks for kids are usually full of sugar, baked or fried and contain little to no nutritional value. With HALO, you can change the game entirely. Before that, let’s see why healthy snacking is beneficial for kids.

  • Children’s bones and muscles are still developing. They require adequate nutrition to ensure that they grow as much as their age requires. Healthy snacks like freeze dried fruits, nuts and dried fruits ensure that they get their required dose of vitamins, minerals, iron and antioxidants to strengthen and grow their bones and muscles.
  • Healthy snacking also adds to their required weight gain (For their age). Being of proper weight is important to ensure they are not malnourished.
  • Healthy snacks that contain fibre also make sure that their gut is healthy and well-functioning.
  • Children’s brains need a lot of support. With the right nutrients from healthy snacks, their brain development will be on track.
  • Immunity is built over the years. By boosting your child’s nutrition intake, their immune system is built with adequate strength to fight off diseases.
  • Finally, it also keeps the skin, teeth and hair healthy. Healthy snacking is important to make sure that your child stays active. Growth, immunity development and strengthening are three categories that healthy snacks for kids can help achieve.

How does HALO help?

  1. Health, guaranteed: Parents concerned about what your kids are eating, all your worries are about to end! HALO freeze dried snacks are as healthy as they are tasty. We source the best, high-quality fruits from across the country, after which they undergo a process called lyophilisation. This means that the water in the fruits is frozen and then vapourised. So, all that’s left is crunchy pieces of fruit, freeze dried!

HALO achieves the title of “healthy snacks” with this process. Without baking or frying (and using oil), these snacks achieve the crunchy texture that is loved by all kids. Moreover, most of the nutrition of the fresh fruit remains intact in the fruit, so your kid can enjoy a tasty snack with all the nutrition.

Parents who are worried about the amount of sugar consumption in their children needn’t worry again, because this is a sugar-free, preservative-free snack! The sweet-sour notes are all from the natural fructose present in the fruits.

  1. Easy for school and other activities: Kids engage in a lot of different activities at school and outside. Since they’re constantly on the go, they need snacks to keep them energised and ready. HALO is the best solution for that. For starters, they come in 25-40 gm packets with zip locks. So, they can eat their snacks and simply store the rest for later in their lunch bags. Moreover, they don’t leave behind an oily residue or crumbs, so it’s the cleanest snack too!

HALO snacks are actually filling, even though the water content is removed from the fruits. This is because each packet contains a lot of fresh fruit equivalent. For example, one 40gm packet of HALO freeze dried pineapple and papaya actually contains one whole papaya and a quarter of a pineapple. Parents, get ready to be surprised at how fast your kids eat their fruit requirements for the day!

  1. Easy to incorporate into meals: Parents constantly search for something new and exciting, but also healthy to make for their kids. With HALO, it becomes so easy and almost effortless to make unique combinations of snacks for kids that they would love. They work as great topping options for cereal, yoghurt, ice cream and virtually any dessert or smoothie. You can also make your own healthy snack bars or mixes at home with other fun ingredients like dried fruits and nuts. Mixing things up really works in getting your kids’ attention, and once they get the natural and unique taste of HALO freeze dried fruits, they will definitely come back for more!

HALO freeze dried fruit snacks are available in different variants- Golden apple, strawberry, pineapple, mango, papaya & pineapple and strawberry & banana. You can even buy the HALO 5-pack combo on our website or Amazon to store and use for months together! Our snacks last way longer than traditional fruits and your kids can enjoy their favourite seasonal fruits as crunchy snacks all year round.