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Why carry freeze dried snacks on your next hiking trip?

Snack making is a complicated routine, especially when it comes to a rigorous activity like hiking. This is especially because hiking snacks have a lot of demands and very few foods actually cater to them —they either cause high fatigue or end up being a complete mess with the long storing that will give you throwbacks to the time noodles stuck to your afternoon tiffin boxes. Freeze dried fruits step in because of the unique procedure which combines the best of both worlds: health and ease of carrying. 

The process of making freeze dried fruits like HALO snacks is that the moisture content is converted into vapour , without converting it into liquid through a process called lyophilization/freeze drying.. 

Common misconceptions include confusing freeze dried fruits with fresh fruits and dehydrated fruits. 

Fresh fruits despite their health content end up being bulky and with more moisture thus completely unsuitable for being hiking snacks, they just end up leaking in your bags. Dehydrated fruits on the other hand, completely lose their nutrients thus, while not being as strong as dry fruits, they cause added fatigue as hiking snacks. 

Hiking snacks have several requirements to actually be suitable for the long, rigorous activity including the difficulties of packaging, cooking, health, taste, energy, sustainability, calories and storage to be completely taken care of. It is definitely unfair to cook an elaborate snack when the activity following is elaborate in itself.  

HALO snacks to the rescue, have more than one benefit positing as hiking snacks:

1. They are easy to carry:

The packaging is so taut and composed that the zip locks will not make a mess out of your hiking snack.

2. They will definitely not perish, the shelf life is 365 days:

With an amazing shelf life, unlike fresh fruits, these taste exactly like fruits, but for longer, spanning seasons, and not disrupting your hike routine. 

3. Easy to store:

With HALO snacks being freeze dried, the problem of storage in the middle of a two hour hike is not an issue at all, even in summers, the process ensures that it does not get in the way of your tastes and perishable factors.  

4. No added preservatives and amazing health benefits:

Packed with all the science textbook nutrients: antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, etc., this is the ultimate health snack to a hike which you should definitely carry solely because of the energy the activity will demand of you. 

5. 100% vegan and gluten free:

It takes care of the common allergies like gluten and lactose intolerance and the pet peeves are not compromised with! 

6. Low in calories:

HALO snacks will not add on to the excess calories which you end up consuming with oily snacks (perfect snack, told you!) 

HALO snacks also function brilliantly with delicate taste buds with their exquisite range of fruits throughout the year: strawberry, pineapple, golden apple, mango, and the mixes, strawberry-banana and pineapple-papaya.

Flushed with antioxidants, freeze dried strawberries are low on calories, and will not add on to your fat levels when you attempt a hike! Brilliant source of manganese and potassium, this particular variant lets you munch on your favourite fruit even in summers. 

Similarly, freeze dried mangoes, retaining their right-out-of-an-advert taste, without the messiness of getting damaged in the middle of a hike. It will function as your perfect winter hiking snack when mangoes are barely available and will ensure your energy is boosted while you climb the heights. Basically, these snacks will health up your hike game to another level. 

You can also cocktail these hiking snacks by converting the freeze dried fruits as condiments to your protein and other health shakes. Mix some muesli with the banana strawberry pack to your shake. Furthermore, the lightweight and easy to unpack quality of HALO snacks ensure that your hiking snack prep time is not more than the hike time (which defies the purpose of the hike!) 

Plus, if you miss out on making breakfast because hiking usually ends up being an early morning task, you can still use a packet of HALO snacks to mix it up with some yoghurt or milk and have a delicious breakfast to begin with. Essentially, HALO becomes your pre hiking snack, your hiking snack, and if you’re still hungry beyond that, munch onto some more while you're climbing down, amazing post hiking snack! 

Additional plus of freeze dried fruits vis a vis the regular junk snacks like chips and other oily products include the health benefits against the intense fatigue which might recur within the entire span. 

To conclude, hiking snacks have never been healthier, tastier, and best bit: easier!