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Your Guide To Unique Diwali Snacks

The festival of lights is right around the corner and the excitement for the festival is lighting up the air! Everyone is getting ready to celebrate with their own traditions, new clothes and not to forget those delicious snacks and sweets. While we’re all set to sparkle this Diwali, how about adding a new and unique tradition to the mix? 

One of the best things about Diwali is how everyone in your family, young and old, comes together to spend time with each other and relish the homemade Diwali snacks. Why not make that an activity you can all do together? Make your own sweets with a unique twist this festive season. Wondering how? With HALO of course!

HALO freeze-dried fruit snacks are fresh fruit from which most of the water content is removed to get fruits in a snack form that are nutritionally intact. It’s exciting, flavourful and can add some intrigue and excitement to your festival. Here’s why:

  1. Natural: It’s 100% natural, from farm to fork. Each fruit is specially picked from select farms across the country for you to taste nothing but the best. It is also vegan-friendly, with no added sugar or preservatives and is the best gluten-free snack. This makes it an all-around favourite, irrespective of age, taste and dietary preference. It is also available in different variants like pineapple, strawberry, papaya, banana, mango and golden apple.
  2. Healthy: With many people turning towards healthy alternatives for their favourite fried snacks, HALO can come to the rescue. This is a unique Diwali gift idea, as well as something you can experiment with in your Diwali snacks!
  3. Mess-free: Imagine you’re wearing your favourite outfit and you’re all decked up to celebrate and the snacks cause a mess and ruin your outfit! Nightmarish, right? Not anymore! HALO is not fried, so there is no oily mess left behind. Moreover, the juicy spills of fresh fruit can also be avoided because it is freeze dried. That’s a total win!
  4. Storage: The absence of water in the fruit stops the microbial reactions in it. This reaction is what makes it rot so the absence of it means it lasts longer. So you can buy them in bulk and get ready for the festive season in style!

Put a unique twist to your snacks by eating HALO straight out of the pack or try some new recipes this Diwali with your family!

Here are our top picks. Go all out and experiment with HALO

  1. Laddoo: Even thinking of laddoos makes your mouth water, doesn't it? We recommend a twist to your traditional laddoos with HALO. Here’s our hot take: Use millets, seeds or nuts as your base. Powder them up, and mix them with ghee and honey to make healthy laddoos. The cherry on the cake? Dip them in more honey and sprinkle them with freeze dried fruits! Since they’re already in bite-sized pieces, it’s easy to coat your laddoos in them. Break them up a bit if needed. Crunchy on the outside, soft and sweet on the inside, this will be the show-stealer with your family, we guarantee it.
  2. Protein bar: This one is for all the health freaks out there who are also partly foodies. Mix your favourite nuts, dry fruits and HALO freeze dried fruits together with jaggery (the stickiness of dates also works!) and coat it with melted chocolate. The perfect mix of health and taste to share with your family during this festive season! Our favourite combination is walnuts, almonds, freeze dried strawberries, figs and dates, coated in dark chocolate. It is decadent and melts in the mouth while also having a surprise crunch to it, courtesy of freeze dried fruits. Also, it’s a unique break from traditional sweets and snacks, isn’t it? Try it out and see for yourself.
  3. Mixture: Traditionally, especially in the south, Diwali snacks are like a savoury mixture with different elements like sev, peanuts, and other crunchy snacks of your choice. Here’s our alternative suggestion: a trail mix style mixture! It’s healthy, but also super tasty and has different flavours, textures and sizes. It’s similar to the other two recipes, but there is no binding element. This is just a mixture of different dry fruits, freeze dried fruits, nuts, seeds and sometimes even chocolates of your choice. Toss them together to serve guests this festive season. The best part about this is how customisable it is. You can add anything you want!

HALO freeze dried fruit snacks is also a great Diwali gift idea. It can be bought in your favourite combination and shared with those you love. Isn’t Diwali all about friendship, sharing and celebrating good health and happiness? Make your celebrations stand out with HALO. Come together to make this festive season fuss-free, tasty and unforgettable! Order from a wide range of varieties today to get ready for the shine, shimmer and sparkle of the festival of lights.