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Let’s satisfy your curiosity

Q. Are they vegan?

Yes, they all are vegan.

Q. Are they baked?

No, none of our products are baked.

Q. How to store them once opened?

We recommend you consume it once opened. However, we have provided you with a ziplock bag to enable you to store it. Please ensure zip is properly sealed.

Can be stored in airtight, non-transparent container; just to be extra cautious.

Q. Can I use them in my recipe?

Yes – you may use in any of your recipes using these instead of looking for fresh fruits.
Give wings to your creativity!

Q. Are there any dietary restrictions?

There are no dietary restrictions as such. However, in the unlikely event that you are allergic or have a dietary restriction to a particular fruit the same will apply.

Q. Where can I buy all these products?

Here is a direct link to buy any of our products (Click here)

Q. Can I return the product if I don’t like?

Since this is food product, we do not accept any returns. However, customers can reach us to report any product quality issues.

Q. Are these products 100% natural?

Yes, they are absolutely 100% natural.

No preservatives, No additives, No added sugar.

Nothing else but just the fruit!

Q. Are they fried?

No, none of our products are fried.

Q. Is there any suitable age group for consuming these products?

Our products are suitable for all age groups.

Q. Why does the fruit turn softer after opening?

These products are highly hygroscopic and absorb moisture very quickly. If you intend to store after opening please follow storage instructions.

Q. Is there any sugar added?

No, our products do not have any added sugar. They only have naturally present fructose.

Q. Are they gluten free?

Yes, all products are gluten free.

Q. Can I cancel order once placed?

Unfortunately, once you pluck a fruit from a tree, you cannot put it back on the tree! We are sorry – but you cannot cancel an order once you place it.