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The Halo Journey

The Halo Journey

When I was 7, I travelled to Europe for the first time with my parents who introduced me to my first pack of freeze dried strawberries. After one crunchy bite, I immediately fell in love. They were amazing! Sweet, refreshing, and because they were healthy and nutritious – Mama let me have as much as I wanted! Since then, whenever Baba travelled, I would insist he return with a bag full of freeze dried strawberries. They became my favorite snack, and family friends would always bring me a bag full from overseas when they visited, knowing my eyes would light up. What I could not understand was why they were not available in India. Indian strawberries from Mahabaleshwar, Panchgani are amongst the best in the world! From the day I joined our family business at Saraf Foods, I have always dreamt of introducing freeze dried strawberries to Indian consumers and their children– so that they could experience the same joy I experienced as a child. I realized that by leveraging our core business at Saraf, we could allow consumers to enjoy all of their favorite fruits as freeze dried snacks – from strawberries, to mangoes and pineapples! My passion for freeze dried fruit snacks motivated me to create HALO. HALO brings you the freshest Indian fruits as freeze dried snacks. We have put all our love and effort into making the tastiest fruit snack for you. I hope you fall in love with our freeze dried fruits, just as I did when Baba made me try my first pack.

With love,
Shikha Saraf

Say Hello To HALO

Say hello to HALO

Pure, honest and packed with goodness

Our products are just as Mother Nature made them – untainted. Our honest effort will always be to ensure that the fruit retains its full taste and texture from the farm straight to you so that they can tickle your taste buds. HALO, the freshest seasonal specialty, made available to you throughout the year so that you can enjoy your favorite fruits any time, every time!

HALO is the newest venture at Saraf Foods, established in 1993, a FSSC 22000 certified leading global supplier of freeze dried products. We stand by our reputation as a reliable, quality supplier.

We believe in ethical business practices and are committed to reducing our carbon footprint, consistently investing in sustainable solutions. Our agronomics team has devoted considerable time training farmers on best farming practice, promoting the use of green pesticides and insect repellents.

Saraf Foods has been working with some of the leading global and local CGP companies since inception. HALO will deliver the tastiest, healthiest and natural fruit snacks directly to you.